Author Jenny Hale Invites Readers On A Walk Through The Holy Land With Her Prayer Journal

September 26
07:00 2023

Jenny Hale Woldt invites readers to walk through her exhilarating spiritual journey with The Quiet Place: A Prayer Journal & Walk Through the Holy Land. The book helps readers whet their spiritual sword against the evil one as the inspiring author provides an expansive and elaborate roadmap on how one can become a warrior through prayer.

This prayer journal, available in English and Spanish, isn’t just a book but a spiritual journey that will help readers navigate a tumultuous world.

George C. Hale, a follower of Christ, CEO, pastor, and entrepreneur, has revered the read as one to “Savor, linger over, and share with family and friends.”

Jenny furnishes insights essential for developing spiritual resilience to help believers persevere and stand by their loved ones. She executes this feat by delivering a framework of practices believers can incorporate into their lives to walk diligently in the light of faith.

As readers tread their journey through the pages, they witness the trials and tests Jenny was put through on her own spiritual journey. Jenny provides an enlightening outlook on her life lived as a child, a daughter, a professional, and a wife. Having journeyed through Israel and Jordan, Jenny has also embellished her book with breathtaking pictures of the Holy Land Jesus and the people of the Bible have walked on, those which she clicked herself. 

Holistically, the book is an intimate testimony – living evidence of the beauty of God’s grace in our lives.

The Quiet Place resonates among all those who are looking for a Divine breakthrough in their life. For those shrouded in despair and uncertainty, Jenny’s story shows that love always finds a way. From the daunting and perplexing choices in life, Jenny invites believers to choose joy.

What’s next for Woldt? She continues on the mission God has bestowed upon her by sharing her message of hope with the world and strengthening the faith of others.

The Quiet Place has released on September 25th, 2023, and is now available. Click to purchase the book

About the Author

Author Jenny Hale Woldt is on a journey of following the path God has laid out for her. She is a woman of fortitude who wears many hats; she is the CEO/Owner of Splash Box Marketing and 615 JJ Entertainment, a travel junkie, and a photographer. But above all, she is a mom. She has a passion for storytelling.

More importantly, Jenny is a diligent, practicing believer on a mission, teaching individuals how to nurture their prayer life, incorporate peace and have a relationship with the Almighty.





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