Boost AI Upscales Online Businesses With Powerful Visual Merchandising

June 05
21:27 2023
On April 19th, 2023, Boost Commerce released the 3rd version of their app, rebranded to “Boost AI Search & Discovery”. The app features new AI technologies as well as powerful visual merchandising features that help merchants use product rankings to their advantage.

In the ever-evolving world of e-commerce, Shopify has emerged as a powerful platform for aspiring millionaires to build their empires. Standing out in a crowded marketplace and driving success isn’t an easy task. However, one can propel their online businesses to new heights with the right strategy. Visual merchandising and product discovery are essential tools in any Shopify merchant’s arsenal. 

With its latest upgrade, Boost Commerce employs visual merchandising, in addition to its already advanced Shopify filters, to revolutionize online businesses. The app facilitates better customer engagement, increased conversion rates, and sustained growth.

Introducing Boost AI Search & Discovery

Boost AI Search & Discovery is a powerhouse that brings a robust toolkit. This new and improved version of the app doubles as a comprehensive Shopify visual merchandising app. It’s tried and true with more than 14,000 active users, including startup businesses to Shopify veterans. 

The app simplifies Shopify’s visual merchandising features. Store owners can control product ranking & visibility with just a few clicks. Pin, Boost, Demote, or Hide products to stimulate interest and convert on prioritized items. Moreover, the app utilizes advanced AI algorithms to understand customer preferences, analyze data, and interpret user behavior and preferences. 

Harness the Power of Visual Merchandising with Boost AI Search & Discovery

Boost 3.0 Introduces New Visual Merchandising Features

Visual merchandising is strategically presenting products to attract and engage customers. It aims to maximize the visual impact of products and create a desirable shopping experience.

The new version of Boost Commerce’s app – Boost AI Search & Discovery, employs the power of artificial intelligence to help businesses optimize Shopify visual merchandising rules. 

The app offers features such as:

–  Pin: Shoppers pay more attention to these first positions. Sell more desired items by pinning them on top of the listing page.

  Boost: Boost AI Search & Discovery can automatically increase product group ranking. The app collects product data (i.e., inventory, tag, meta fields, vendor) and uses merchandising rules to promote highly profitable items, in-house brands, New Arrivals, etc. Store owners have complete control over the rules.

–  Demote:  Out-of-stock and outdated items rarely help are moved down the list. Turn potential buyers’ focus to more profitable products instead.

–  Hide: Merchants can hide irrelevant & unwanted products from the customers’ view. Unwanted products like gifts for a promotion campaign can distract the buying journey. Visual merchandising can hide individual products or a group of products by attribute.

Achieve Sustainable Growth with Boost Visual Merchandising Tool 

Boost Commerce’s e-commerce merchandising helps Shopify merchants unlock the true potential of their business. It can change the ranking of products in the search bar, on collection pages, and more.

–  In Search: Upsell desired items for a keyword search, their synonyms, and plurals. The app also enables filter-based merchandising on search result pages.

–  In Collection: Re-organize the product order in collections to showcase high-margin or popular items. Set merchandising rules for each collection or apply them to all collections.

–  Seasonal Campaign: Create time-based campaigns to promote limited-edition, holiday-themed products during special occasions. Set a date range for BFCM, Christmas, and Father’s Day,… and let the app works its magic. 

Unlock the Potential of Visual Merchandising

By incorporating visual merchandising techniques, Shopify merchants can create an engaging and immersive shopping experience for customers. Boost AI Search & Discovery helps store owners build a strong brand identity that focuses on enhancing the customer experience.

The app is currently available on the Shopify app store. Download and try it out today!

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