Plexins Parses SMS Shortcodes and Long Codes: How to Choose the Right One

May 27
21:36 2023

Plexins recently published an article that dives into the differences between SMS short and long codes and provides practical advice on how to choose the right code. As a leading provider of messaging platforms, Plexins aims to help businesses better understand these two common ways of text messaging to meet their specific needs.

SMS transmission is an important means of instant messaging and information delivery between modern enterprises and customers. However, many merchants may be confused when choosing SMS short codes and long codes, do not know the difference between them, and do not know how to make the best choice. Plexins’ blog post provides the following points to help businesses understand the difference between SMS short and long codes and choose what’s right for them:

Definition: SMS shortcodes are short, easy-to-remember numeric codes, similar to 5 or 6 digits, used to send and receive text messages. The long code is a complete mobile phone number, generally 10 digits.

Usage: SMS shortcodes are often used in large SMS marketing campaigns to send a large number of SMS quickly. Long codes are better for one-on-one customer interactions and personalized communications.

Sending speed: SMS shortcodes usually send faster, which is suitable for sending a large number of short messages quickly. Long codes are slower to transmit but provide more stable transmissions.

Brand recognition: SMS shortcodes are often associated with a specific brand and provide greater brand recognition. Long codes are more similar to regular mobile phone numbers and may be less easily associated with specific brands.

Compliance: When enterprises choose SMS short codes or long codes, they need to comply with corresponding compliance requirements and regulations to protect user privacy and data security.

Understanding the difference between SMS short codes and long codes can help merchants better choose the SMS sending method that suits their needs. Plexins recommends that enterprises comprehensively consider factors such as marketing goals, user engagement, and budget, and make wise decisions based on their own business needs.

As a leading SMS platform provider, Plexins provides comprehensive solutions for enterprises, including short code, long code, and other SMS sending methods. Through the Plexins platform, enterprises can flexibly select and manage different SMS sending methods to provide personalized and accurate communication experiences.

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