Australian bodybuilder Jak Nelson: 2023 IFBB ProLeague NSW State Physique Champion

May 26
18:06 2023
Jak returns to the competition stage after 5 years to take out the title.

Australian bodybuilder and Caelverum recognised Viber Jak Nelson continues to make waves in the bodybuilding world, returning to the stage after 5 years to take out the title of 2023 IFBB ProLeague NSW State Physique Champion! Sharing the stage next to big names (and friends) such as Tim Thomas, Wayne Druart, and Fabian Trujillo.

The International Fitness and Bodybuilding Federation, or IFBB for short, is one of the most prestigious and respected bodybuilding organisations in the WORLD; bringing together the absolute BEASTS and best of the best in the industry.

Jak joined the competitive bodybuilding stage in 2016 and quickly made a name for himself; winning titles including the Australasian championship and his pro status in the IFBB.

After taking a short break during the pandemic, Jak made the decision to join the stage once again in 2023.

“I decided to compete again to really challenge myself after feeling stunted and stale after the lockdown years.”

During this time, Jak became highly focused in the Asian physique bodybuilding uprising, and felt that the future of the sport was coming from that region; mainly South Korea and Japan.

This led to Jak spending 3 months in Korea; working with their professionals, athletes, and coaches to continue his learning and development.

“The highlight of this journey back was easily the time I spent in Korea.” Jak shares. “After training for 13 years, you don’t tend to feel like there is much left to learn; however, I was pleasantly proved very wrong. My time in Korea essentially reprogrammed my approach to sets, reps, and session programming from the ground up.”

Jak is widely regarded as one of the top bodybuilders in Australia and beyond, and his impressive physique is a testament to his hard work and commitment.

“My number 1 tip to anyone thinking about competing would be to just do it and get on stage. You may love it, you may hate it, but what you understand about yourself and your body is one of the most valuable experiences you will ever come to know.”

When asked what the first thing he did post-2023-comp, Jak said he shared a meal with the other competitors whom he had developed a strong brotherhood and athletic relationship with.

“We ate rather cheekily compared to our usual comp preparation food: burgers and waffles.”

Looking ahead, Jak has big plans for the future.

“Get bigger, get better, and go further! The focus now turns to international stages. I genuinely feel confident in my ability to reach the Olympia stage and to be one of the few Australians who are immortalised on that stage.”

“I also intend to use what I’ve gathered across this prep (and prior), and what I expect to gain, to improve my coaching capacity.”

With Jak’s commitment and passion for the sport, he is sure to continue making big moves in the industry for many years to come. We will for sure be cheering him on!

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