Black Women in Comedy Laff Fest Celebrates Powerful Voices: June 14-18th in NYC

May 26
12:22 2023
Black Women in Comedy Laff Fest Celebrates Powerful Voices: June 14-18th in NYC

May 26th, 2023 – New York, New York – The stage is set for an extraordinary celebration as the highly anticipated Black Women in Comedy Laff Fest returns to illuminate the vibrant streets of New York City. From June 14th to 18th, this annual festival will shine a spotlight on the immense talent and resilience of Black women in comedy, providing a transformative platform to empower their voices. The festival’s opening night kicks off on June 14th at 8pm, setting the tone for a week of laughter, camaraderie, and powerful storytelling.

Black Women in Comedy Laff Fest has emerged as a beacon of change, amplifying the voices that have been historically marginalized within the comedy industry. Recognizing the urgent need to foster diversity and inclusivity, founder Joanna Briley embarked on a mission to create a space where the hidden yet brilliant comedic voices of the Black community could be celebrated. With over a decade of experience as a comedian and producer, Briley is eager to continue her legacy while cultivating a sisterhood through the power of laughter at Laff Fest.

This year’s festival is an affirmation of intersectionality and unity, coinciding with Juneteenth, a day of profound significance for the Black community. By joining forces with this historic celebration, Black Women in Comedy Laff Fest aims to uplift and honor the remarkable achievements and resilience of Black women comedians.

“I recall the early days of my comedy journey, when I hesitated to seek mentorship due to shyness and fear. But in this industry, having a mentor, whether a seasoned comedian of any gender, can profoundly shape one’s path,” shared Joanna Briley, esteemed comedian and founder of Black Women in Comedy Laff Fest. “As Black comedians, we navigate an industry that often presents emotional and mental challenges despite its outward appearance of inclusivity. The festival serves as a safe space to share our experiences, unload the burdens we carry, and rekindle our passion for success.”

This year’s Laff Fest promises to be an immersive experience, expanding its reach beyond Brooklyn to include various iconic venues across Manhattan. Audiences will be treated to laughter-filled evenings at renowned comedy clubs, such as Eastville Comedy Club, Westside Comedy Club, Don’t Tell Mama’s, St. Marks Comedy Club, Young Ethel’s, Luv Story, The Gutter Bar, The Shrine and The Cobra Club. With each performance, attendees will embark on a comedic journey through the diverse boroughs of New York City.

Tickets for individual shows can be purchased online in advance for $20, ensuring an unforgettable night of laughter:

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About Black Women in Comedy Laff Fest:

Black Women in Comedy Laff Fest is a monumental celebration, showcasing the incredible talent of Black women in comedy. From June 14th to 18th, this annual festival creates a transformative platform, empowering Black women to be seen, heard, and influential in changing the narrative. By fostering a supportive sisterhood and nurturing environment, Black Women in Comedy Laff Fest aims to redefine the comedy landscape and amplify the voices that have long been overlooked.

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