The Benefits of Community Solar Projects According to

May 24
22:48 2023
The Benefits of Community Solar Projects According to

The technology behind solar panels has become much more affordable in recent years, but that doesn’t mean everyone can take advantage of it directly. Many people rent their homes and even those that own houses may not have the space for rooftop panels or the money in their budgets to pay for a full solar array. That’s where community solar projects come in. Read on to find out about community solar projects and their benefits for individuals, the community, and the environment.

What Is Community Solar?

Community solar is a relatively new idea, but according to, it’s taking hold already across the United States. Instead of purchasing private solar panels for installation on the property, people invest in a large-scale solar project shared among residents within a utility provider’s service territory. They then get a credit back from the utility company for 10-20% off of their monthly power bills with no further investment required.

The Benefits for Families and Individuals

The most obvious benefit of community solar projects is that they save people money. As the US Department Of Energy Expands Support For Community Solar, project developers can save money on the installations that can then be passed on to participating homeowners and renters. Because the panels aren’t installed on-site, there’s no need to own the home, and no obligation to continue with the program if the family moves or it no longer seems like a good fit.

The Benefits for the Community

Community solar projects like those created and maintained by Nexamp help to support local communities in addition to providing benefits for individual people. The construction and maintenance of the solar fields create jobs, and the finished projects create a new level of energy independence for communities. Currently, the solar industry employs more Americans than the entire fossil fuel industry.

The Benefits for the Environment

One of the most significant benefits of community solar projects is that they reduce communities’ fossil fuel use, and thus their carbon footprints and overall environmental impacts. Just check this article source for proof of the impact reduced fossil fuel use has on local ecosystems and the global climate. Given the dire predictions being made by today’s most knowledgeable scientists, there is no denying how important it is to curb fossil fuel use. However, the benefits go beyond slowing climate change to provide current beneficial effects for people, plants, animals, and entire ecosystems.

The Benefits for Utility Companies

Of course, utility companies wouldn’t be buying into community solar projects if they didn’t have anything to gain. What’s great is that even the benefits to the utility companies fit into a larger picture that takes everyone’s needs into account. Primarily, utility companies that partner with community solar projects build improved relationships with their customers.

Find an Opportunity to Get Engaged

With community solar, everyone wins. Whether people own their homes or rent, they can benefit from participating in these projects while simultaneously helping their communities and the environment. Start investigating options for saving money while supporting clean energy today.


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