Steve Kerr Releases New Book – Eurovision: A Plea For Respect

March 13
17:44 2023
Steve Kerr Releases New Book - Eurovision: A Plea For Respect
Eurovision: A Plea For Respect By Steve Kerr
Steve Kerr is pleased to announce the release of his new book, Eurovision: A Plea For Respect (Continental Songs And British attitudes)

Discover the hidden treasures of Europe’s greatest music tradition – The Eurovision Song Contest: A journey through its history and cultural significance.

The Eurovision Song Contest has grown to become a great European tradition and holds a unique place in the history of modern Europe. The yearly pan-European soiree has developed into a phenomenon that is now far more than a mere song festival. Its stage has been graced by Europe`s greatest artists and its songs written by some of the continent`s most respected song writers yet there still exists negative attitudes towards it in Britain where the Contest is often portrayed as of little aesthetic value. A more in-depth study shows that it is far from a parade of glitz and banal lyrics. Through this book we delve into the background and history into which many of its entries had their roots and examine why it has been maligned so much in Britain and how certain attitudes have taken root particularly in the U.K as well as taking a closer look at notable entries throughout its history. We travel on a journey through the plethora of artistes, songs and events that have made up the Contest and cite the reasons why it should be regarded as quality culture and merit respect.

About the Author:

Steve Kerr was brought up in the pleasant seaside town of Broughty Ferry in North East Scotland. He spent part of his teenage life in Glamis Castle, home to Macbeth and the Queen Mother, reputed to be the most haunted house in Scotland! He later worked and studied in London, he also lived in Spain, Hungary and for a number of years, Greece and worked as a lecturer in Yorkshire.

Steve’s interest in writing came from the early 1970s when his somewhat unconventional English teacher encouraged his creativity. His creativity and imagination went back however to childhood when he would create stories and draw them in a series of pictures. He has always had a strong interest in History and music. As a teenager he composed many songs but never met with success his creative abilities were slowly channeled into writing books. His first Novel “A Cafe In Arcadia”, about life in an insular Greek town, was published in 2014. He had already published “The Christmas Tree Of Tales” in 2013 under the name S R Kerr. In 2021 he published another novel “The Winding Streets Of Kolonaki” set in Athens.

He counts a love of music in his interests as well as travel and reading. He has travelled extensively to places as diverse as Pakistan and Peru and hopes to visit Japan, Hong Kong and the USA in the near future.

Growing up next to the beach on the River Tay in his home town was a a major influence on him as was living in a castle. He was always interested in anthropology and visiting other countries where he often immersed himself in their culture. Places he visited and lived in inspired much of his writing, as did his interest in psychology, people watching. He worked as a lecturer, tutor, journalist, civil servant in London where at a point he shared a house with the group The Test Department.

He is at the moment working on three other books

1) Eurovision, A plea for respect (continental songs and British attitudes)

3) The afternoons of Sanjay Bassinger

4) It Came Upon One Christmas Eve.

For more about Steve visit Authors Den or BookBuzz

Eurovision: A Plea For Respect (Continental Songs And British attitudes) is available for purchase on Amazon

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