World-renowned CFCMAS charity platform enters India, attracts millions of users to register

March 09
21:51 2023

The world-renowned CFC Charity Mutual Aid Platform (hereinafter referred to as CFCMAS) has announced that they have reached a milestone in India, it is reported that CFCMAS has been operating in several countries for two years, providing love and help to millions of users, amounting to more than $100 million, two months into the Indian market, already has more than 100,000 users, CFCMAS has a perfect platform mechanism for all caring people to provide Our goal is to get all Indians to help each other. 1.5 billion people in India help each other with charity, no one will be the last one, help others and you will also get help from others.

Within two months of operation in the Indian market, CFCMAS has reached Rs 30 million in mutual help funds, providing a safe, secure, convenient and fast channel for hundreds of thousands of Indian users to help each other. Since its inception, CFCMAS has been operating in several countries for two years, leaving a CFC footprint in Europe, in Bangladesh, in Australia and in the Philippines, providing a loving service to millions of users to the tune of over US$100 million. This is due to the platform’s well-established platform mechanism and quality services. On this platform, users can quickly provide financial support to those in need through online payments and transfers. At the same time, the platform also ensures that every donation reaches the recipient safely and securely through a strict auditing and monitoring mechanism.

The CFCMAS philosophy is simple: CFCMAS is not a company or an organisation. We do not have a central account and we do not touch the funds of our participants. We are like a dispatcher, connecting those who want to help and those who want to be helped. Members help each other directly, there is no intermediary. All funds from helpers helping do not pass through the CFCMAS community, but are transferred directly to the person being helped through bank accounts, online payments, etc. To ensure the transparency and fairness of the platform, our users are required to purchase C Coin each time they help someone, and the cost of purchasing C Coin generates a profit for the community. Once the community generates a profit, CFCMAS will hold more charity events to help more people.

Financial and material support is provided to those in need. Whether it is a sick child, a disaster victim or a needy family, they can post their requests for help in the community to get more attention and help from others. At the same time, the platform provides a convenient and quick way for those who are willing to help others to provide assistance to those in need.

The CFC Charity Support Platform aims to get all Indians to help each other, which is a great goal. As a country with a large population, India has a huge charitable need and charitable potential. Through the promotion and popularity of the CFC Charity Mutual Aid Platform, we believe that the culture of charity in India will be more widely spread and promoted, so that more people can feel the power of helping each other.

We encourage more people to join us and do their bit for the good of the community,” said John Martin, Special Director of CFCMAS Asia. It is only when everyone can do their bit that we can truly achieve overall social progress and prosperity.”

On the CFC Charity Mutual platform, when you help others, you will also receive help from others. This is a very beautiful thing and one of the most important features of the platform. We believe that the CFC Charity Mutual platform will continue to provide help to more people and enable more people to feel the power of love in the years to come.

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