New Book “When I Was a Boy” Chronicles the Personal History of Air Force Veteran Jerry Thomas Caplinger’s, Journey from Rural Life to Making it big in life

March 08
06:57 2023

He shares his personal story of overcoming adversity to help readers overcome their own demons to grow.

Air Force veteran Jerry Thomas Caplinger’s new book, “When I Was a Boy,” chronicles his remarkable personal history growing up in rural southwestern Arkansas, living in a troubled household. The book provides insights into his tough childhood, which was riddled with conflict due to his strict and authoritarian father. It is a gripping read about how he survived and went through a process of self-discovery, which saw him completely reinvent himself and become the man he is today. Readers also gain a glimpse into the struggles of rural life and the challenges of living in such a household.

The insightful memoir covers a range of topics, from the complexities of navigating a difficult life at home to the joys and hardships of rural life. Jerry Thomas, who went on to become a distinguished non-commissioned officer in the Air Force, as well as serving more than three decades in the telecommunications industry, exemplifies how adversity can shape a person’s identity and provides readers with a roadmap for overcoming life’s challenges and defining one’s path.

Talking to the media, the author said, “I grew up in a world that was far removed from the amenities of cities. My childhood was defined by the landscape of rural southwestern Arkansas, as well as by my father. While he was a very self-sufficient, ingenious, and family-supportive man, he was also authoritarian, completely self-centred, and unfeeling for anyone’s needs except his own. He was also, in later years, treated for mental instability.”

He went on to add, “This book is about survival in that home and the help and support of some outside the home who helped me personally redefine who I was. It was through these struggles that I learned the value of perseverance and the importance of defining my own identity. I wanted to show that if a young boy in rural Arkansas could make it, then anyone could. I hope this book helps those who may have experienced similar circumstances.”

The book is a must-read for anyone interested in exploring the transformative power of adversity, as well as those looking for inspiration or guidance. It also describes some of his most fond memories and the stunning landscape, as he had to perform several tasks to contribute to fulfilling the needs of rural family life. He even mentions unique adventures on a nearby river and creek that remain strong memories to this day.

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About the Author

Jerry Thomas Caplinger grew up in a home in southwest Arkansas that included one sister and four brothers. He retired from a 34-year career in the telecommunications industry, where he was responsible for initial network trials, industry-leading services development, and, in later years, working for a U.S. nationwide telecommunications company (Verizon) for the deployment of highly advanced data network routing systems.

Previously he also served in the U.S. Air Force during the era of the Vietnam conflict by teaching aircraft weapons systems maintenance, helping maintain nuclear weapons, and observing weapons loading teams in Greece. He was promoted to E-5 (Staff Sergeant) before his honourable discharge.

Now in his retirement, he plays golf as much as he can, fishing and hunting whenever possible, and pursuing his interest in music, metaphysics, science, photography, and archaeological discoveries. He also has five great-grandchildren.

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