OKBOX.io will gradually assign the value gathered by OKBOX

March 01
19:16 2023

Tokens and NFTs are no longer unfamiliar to everyone, they are digital assets stored on the blockchain. Tokens have a longer history, tracing back to the birth of Bitcoin in 2008. Tokens, like Bitcoin, are block rewards that miners receive for successfully recording on the blockchain network, and can be divided and traded at any time, so the value attributes of tokens are similar to fiat currency: they are typical currency attributes. NFTs give us the impression of pictures or GIFs recorded by the blockchain, which can indeed display more information and provide better user experience for holders, but ERC721 token standard NFTs cannot be divided and traded like tokens. Even with the later developed ERC1155 issued NFTs, the NFT assets still cannot be divided, only ensuring that there is no difference between individual NFTs and NFTs, so the basic value attribute of NFTs is determined: it is the unique commodity attribute!

When the attributes of currency and the unique commodity attribute are combined, a value surge will come, and what can contain or carry this huge wave of value must be the product of the current web3: OKBOX blind box!


Blind boxes, as the name implies, are boxes that you can’t see what’s inside. The traditional way to play with blind boxes is to put some special figurines or expensive electronic products inside. Because you can’t know what’s inside the box before opening it, this uncertainty combined with the love for the products inside can easily make many users unable to resist blind boxes. This is where the charm of blind boxes lies, catering to the public’s psychology and pursuing the excitement of the unknown.

OKBOX builds on the blind box model by adding Tokens and NFTs, and the blind box model of OKBOX is different from that of the real world. In addition to the online blind box game being more abundant and flexible than the offline blind box game, the okbox.io platform is also built based on blockchain technology; The goods in OKBOX are not pre-manufactured and then artificially placed in the blind box for sale, but are selected by the blockchain smart contract to put the corresponding value of goods into the blind box, completely decentralized.

OKBOX has three types: OKBOX-trial, OKBOX-plus and OKBOX-pro:

1、The original price of OKBOX-Trial is 5 USDT, now it’s only 1 USDT, and you can get goods worth 5-50 USDT when you open it;

2、The original price of OKBOX-Plus is 99 USDT, now it’s only 59 USDT, and you can get goods worth 150-5000 USDT when you open it;

3、The original price of OKBOX-Pro is 299USDT, now it’s only 199 USDT, and you can get goods worth 350-12000 USDT when you open it.

AI: The higher the level of OKBOX, the higher the probability of obtaining high-level NFTs; there are four levels of NFTs: Legendary, Epic, Rare, and Common. In addition to obtaining blue-chip NFTs listed on OpenSea, you can also obtain the ecological value token $OKC of okbox.io platform, which is the only way to obtain $OKC. For example, when you open an OKBOX with a current price of 59 USDT, you will get 12000 $OKC, which will not be released to your account at once, but will be released in 12 months, that is, 1000 $OKC will be released each month, gradually released. This is the basic deflationary economic model of $OKC:

OKBOX.io will gradually assign the value gathered by OKBOX to the coin price of $OKC. We can estimate according to the coin price formula: $OKC coin price = Total value/number of OKC; because OKBOX has the popular blind box attribute, it can ensure the stability and rise of the total value; then according to the deflationary economic model of $OKC, the number released each time is 1/12 of the new added total value, so it is not difficult to find that the growth rate of the number of OKC in the denominator of the formula is always slower than the growth rate of the total value in the numerator. Under this situation, the price of $OKC will form a gradual upward trend, and the currency value attribute of $OKC will also be revealed gradually, gradually attracting more users who want to hold $OKC for a long time.

 This is when the unique blue-chip NFT is placed in the OKBOX blockchain blind box as a special commodity, coupled with the continuous absorption of value under the deflationary economic model of $OKC, the value created by Okbox.io in the future will be immeasurable, after all, no one can resist the temptation of $OKC rising continuously, and there is one more exciting thing, that is OKBOX has just begun!!!

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