Delta Trading Group Shifts the Gears on Becoming a Self-Sufficient Trader in a World Full of “Wins” and “Overnight Success”

March 01
15:20 2023
Delta Trading Group Shifts the Gears on Becoming a Self-Sufficient Trader in a World Full of "Wins" and "Overnight Success"

Are you tired of falling for the “overnight success” promises of trading gurus? Maybe you’re just tired of trying to navigate the complex world of futures trading on your own. If so, then look no further than Delta Trading Group. 

Founded by Dr. Vance Cast, who paired his 36 years of trading experience with his background in quantitative methodology and risk management, this multi-million dollar company offers a unique approach to help transform anyone into a self-sufficient, knowledgeable futures trader.

When Dr. Vance first entered the world of futures trading, it was his mission to discover a unique, simple and effective way to consistently gain returns without relying on a “guru” or mentor to hold his hand throughout the entire journey. Much like other traders, he was met with communities who boasted their wins but never losses. Anyone can see for themselves that this group isn’t one of those scams. The group’s track record and trade log can be viewed on the website. 

During this time, he was able to switch gears and create his own trading strategy based on his expansive knowledge and background in quantitative methodology and risk management.  

The founder offers a fresh “Think in Cranyon” perspective to trading that is simplistic and yields realistic returns – no matter the market condition. When Dr. Vance Cast first entered the scene he was driven to find a unique, reputable and reliable online learning environment. After many failed attempts, Dr. Vance decided it was time to create a community of his own. This is when Delta Trading Group was born.  

Unlike other communities, Delta Trading Group doesn’t just offer cutting-edge strategies… It offers an opportunity to connect and learn from others in a ”country club” atmosphere. From the moment you enter into the community, you’re able to chat with other traders during live trading sessions and watch other members as they build their portfolio. 

From 27 weekly sessions, training on the D123 strategy, trade reviews, and 24/7  help desk support, this company enables everyone to take personal responsibility for their goals and most importantly… the future of their financial wealth. 

Whether you’re looking to escape the everyday 9-5 or want to sharpen your existing skills with proven strategies… Delta Trading Group & Dr. Vance Cast has got you covered. 

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