Synergy Integrated Health Introduces The Sugar and Insulin Reset Blueprint

January 25
22:51 2023
A simple three-step blueprint for rebooting the body’s insulin, losing the belly fat, and getting one’s energy back – naturally

Many people have been told that their Type 2 diabetes will just be part of their life because of their genetics and that it isn’t reversible, so medications will be their new normal. Not to mention a combination of walking and weight loss is the magic potion for ending their Type 2 diabetes, which is “just a sugar issue.”

What if Type 2 diabetes doesn’t have to be a person’s new normal? At Synergy Integrated Health, they are committed to debunking these common diabetic misconceptions and revealing the little-known secrets doctors wouldn’t tell their patients about Type 2 diabetes.

Led by Dr. Michael Lim, DC, CFMP, a board-certified chiropractic physician with over 350 hours of postgraduate training in clinical nutrition and functional medicine, Synergy Integrated Health’s free online training teaches people how they can naturally reverse Type 2 diabetes and perform an insulin reset so that they can feel like their younger selves again. This simple three-step sugar and insulin reset blueprint is perfect for those who want to reboot their body’s insulin while losing their belly fat and regaining their energy.

Through Synergy Integrated Health’s diabetes reversal training, Dr. Michael Lim has helped thousands of Type 2 diabetes patients get a second chance.

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About Synergy Integrated Health

Synergy Integrated Health is known for its sugar and insulin reset blueprint for patients with Type 2 diabetes. It was created by Dr. Michael Lim, DC, CFMP, a board-certified chiropractic physician whose true passion is to help patients achieve their optimal health potential by finding, correcting, and optimizing the underlying imbalances of disease.

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