Level-Up Summit Powerhouse Dr. Betty Speaks Teaches Audiences

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Level-Up Summit Powerhouse Dr. Betty Speaks Teaches Audiences

May 05
13:03 2021
The Resurrection Imprint ACT: Rising To Lead In Post-Covid Era

The results are in! The Level Up Summit hosted by “Butts in Seats Queen” Kearn Cherry, CEO & Founder of PRN Healthcare & Cofounder of Success Women’s Conference, was an Absolute Success!

Powerhouse Speakers from all over the US and Internationally chimed in to impart words of wisdom, inspiration, and fundamental keys for Women and Men to LEVEL-UP!

One standout Powerhouse Speaker was: Dr. Betty Speaks

Left Side: Dr. Cheryl Wood (Headliner Speaker), Kearn Cherry (Level-Up Event Host), Dr. Sonja Stribling (Headliner Speaker), Magie Cook (Headliner Speaker) /Center: Dr. Betty Speaks (Guest Speaker)/ Right Side: Min. Nakita Davis (Guest Speaker/Event Billboard &PR), Forbes Riley (Headliner), Natasha Grano (Headliner), & Erik Swanson (Headliner)

Dr. Betty Speaks captivated the global audience with her signature talk entitled:

Intentional Resurrection

Audiences left with 3 vital take-aways to catapult their Success:

1) Your IMPRINT is made to RISE

2) Don’t Let Dreams Perish

3) Strong people are not simply born; they RESURRECT by sharing the IMPRINTS they generated throughout their life journey© ~ Dr. Betty Speaks

More on Dr. Betty Speaks

Dr. BETTY SPEAKS is retired with HONORS from the United States Army, 2021 I Change Nations Global Newcomer of The Year Honoree Giving birth to “The Resurrection Imprint Act,” an award winning I Change Nations International Speaker, Global Network Virtual Marketer and Entrepreneur, 8x Best Selling Collaborated Author, Jesus Woman at Godheads Ministry, Ambassador to the Pink Pul-Pit International Ministry, Intentional Mastery Story Teller, Certified Black Belt Speaker plus she has been featured on TV shows and a host of Radio broadcasting. When Betty Speaks… she Speaks

Dr. BETTY SPEAKS is that power voice for those silenced by (traumatic situations throughout their journey in LIFE). Her mission is to help others who have (remanences of their experiences) destroy the silence and SOAR. Her transparent story of (grief, depression, and healing), along with my strategies for the inspiration to SOAR, will help them to know they can do the same. As a World Ambassador and a genuine leader to all she encountered, she realized that she needed to be the first to speak out so she can effectively inspire others to SOAR. A global leader, a global executive coach, and an international author; She have devoted her influential voice to Podcasting a phenomenal global show “Overcoming Battles by Being Strong and Courageous” A Life Change Now Plus featured on the Power of Praise Network every Sunday at 3pm!

Inspiring others to SOAR with H.O.P.E

S.O.A.R Seize Opportunities and Rise

H.O.P.E Help Other People Enjoy Life 

S.O.A.R Seize Opportunities and Refocus

Realizing that “Strength doesn’t COME from what you CAN Do; It COMEs from OVERCOMING the things you once thought you COULDN’T.” 

Dr. Speaks is your Life IMPRINT Leader! She is extremely passionate with empowering individuals to establish themselves through the four components of LIFE (Spiritual Growth, Financial Literacy, Personal and Professional Development). She’s that chosen warrior who inspires others to create an IMPRINT that will live on long after they’re gone.

Readers can connect with Dr. BETTY SPEAKS www.bettyspeaks.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/betty.speaks.92

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bettyspeaks

What’s Next for Level-Up Powerhouse Speaker, T?

The Resurrection Imprint ACT Leadership Training May 17 – May 21, 2021 & the Women Creating IMPACT Volume II Collaboration is underway. Dr. Betty is Currently Looking for Authors to participate. Hosting the Challenged Champions and Heroes Award Event July 2021

Follow Dr. Betty Speaks on All Social Media Platforms:

[email protected] BettySpeaksLife

IG @BettySpeaks

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