Crime Scene Clean Up by Trained and Experienced Technicians from Crime Scene Intervention

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Crime Scene Clean Up by Trained and Experienced Technicians from Crime Scene Intervention

May 04
02:24 2021
Crime Scene Intervention provides professional cleaning at the scene of a crime, suicide, accident, trauma, biohazard, etc. The fully trained crew responds promptly to do its best to prevent inhabitants of the affected space from getting infected or injured.

According to announcements released by Crime Scene Intervention (CSI) and Stan, crime scene clean-up services provided by this business are necessitated by situations where blood, bodily fluids, excrement, and other substances are left behind in the aftermath of a traumatic incident. 

Law enforcement officers will often recommend the services of a professional remediation company after an unattended death, suicide, or homicide. Be it a suicide cleanup or an unattended death cleaning, CSI decontaminates and remediates the premises professionally and compassionately. Its technicians know how to return the property to its earlier clean and habitable state. 

In South Florida, it is the responsibility of the family or the property owner to clean up after a violent crime or suicide. The period after such an event is invariably a stressful one for the relatives of the deceased or the injured party. CSI has the experience to handle such situations most unobtrusively and discreetly. 

Blood and bodily fluids are biohazards, and CSI advises caution in dealing with these. The risks present can be mitigated by wearing personal protective equipment (PPE). CSI follows state and federal regulations in the handling and disposal of biohazards. 

Cleanups necessitated by unattended deaths must be addressed fast because of the contamination issues that accompany the decomposition of a corpse. Bodily fluids and carrion insects are serious health hazards that must be disposed of. CSI can quickly address these issues, clean up space, and prevent structural damage to the flooring that may occur if the cleaning up is not done on time.

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Blood and bacteria are a potential health risk and can result in infectious diseases for unsuspecting inhabitants of a space that has been a crime or suicide scene. Bloodborne pathogens (BBP) can stay in the environment for a long time and cause sicknesses or worse. The pathogens are invariably invisible. Homes and offices may not have the proper training, cleaning agents, or equipment to remove the pathogens. There is also an issue about deciding between what to clean and what to discard. Items that have become irretrievably contaminated may have to be removed. Homeowners with a sentimental attachment to things may not always be able to decide objectively. 

Spot-cleaned blood spills treated with a topical solution are not always disinfected entirely. Bacteria lingers in the area, and there may always be spots that have been overlooked during the cleaning. Blood or fluids that accumulate under carpets stain upholstery or seep into cracks present biohazards. The foul smell emanating from such spots indicates that these have not been cleaned properly. 

Other situations that demand intervention by CIS include cleaning drug manufacturing laboratories and premises where animals have been hoarded. 

About the Company:

Founded in 2005, Crime Scene Intervention has provided biohazard clean-up and restoration in South Florida. Its services have helped businesses and homes recover from incidences, including suicides, violent crimes, break-ins, and homicides.

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