Pick the perfect career with Smarter Graduate, the easiest career planning tool ever.

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Pick the perfect career with Smarter Graduate, the easiest career planning tool ever.

May 01
14:27 2021
Smarter Graduate makes picking the best career for you easier than ever. Get all the benefits of a professional career counselor for a fraction of the cost.

The traditional “American dream” is a vision of college being a stepping stone into financial independence and strength. The reality is far different, with the ever-rising cost of college, coupled with lower starting salaries and the sometimes decades it takes to pay off student loans. The reality today is that millions of high school and college graduates will struggle to attain financial independence in their lifetimes.

That’s where Smarter Graduate (http://www.SmarterGraduate.com) comes in. Founded in Dallas by tech entrepreneur Mitesh Vashee, Smarter Graduate is poised to disrupt the career counseling industry for millions of students and job-changers.

The result is a simple, intuitive website that allows a user to pick from hundreds of careers that are tracked by the U.S. bureau of labor statistics, and to build a personal dashboard of the lifetime costs and benefits of each career. It only takes a few clicks to see lifetime income, retirement contributions and values, student loan payments and more to visually see the relative strength of each career choice (see the animated explainer video at https://smartergraduate.com/how-it-works/).

According to numerous studies, career choice is the single most pivotal decision in determining a person’s lifetime financial well-being. It is therefore surprising that so many graduating high school students and even active members of the workforce lose sleep over what career is best for them. As trade schools and community colleges become an ever more important factor (and cheaper alternatives to college) in America’s workforce, so should the process of evaluating what the long-term impacts are to someone’s financial outlook.

According to Vashee, the mission of Smarter Graduate isn’t simply to profit from this breakthrough technology. The mission is more altruistic: to empower the user to make informed financial and career choices, and to help more people achieve the American dream.

Pricing for the service is a fraction of the cost of hiring a career counselor, at only $19/year for individuals (see full pricing details at https://smartergraduate.com/smarter-graduate-pricing/).

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