The Sustainable Shopping Site Every Athletic Adventurist Needs to Know in 2021: Wild Habitat

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The Sustainable Shopping Site Every Athletic Adventurist Needs to Know in 2021: Wild Habitat

April 06
23:12 2021

Miami – 6th April, 2021 – It is no secret that sustainability is at the forefront of future development as more and more consumers ditch products that violate their personal values. All over the world, millions of individuals are shopping for brands that prioritize the preservation of the planet and many outdoor enthusiasts and athletes are leading this charge. From devastating hurricanes to apocalyptic wildfires, it’s not hard to imagine a future where the outdoor playgrounds, we once thought endless, diminish before our very eyes. From the loss of snow on the mountaintop to the death of our coral reefs, it is time to say, enough!

Ms Sherry & Briana Tautiva

Wild Habitat is a centralized marketplace for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts intent on making a difference when it comes to issues related to climate change and the environment. The founders, Sherry and Briana Tautiva, are a dynamic mother-daughter team on a mission to reject the norms of traditional industry. These passionate warriors for the planet are determined to demonstrate that profitability does not have to come at the expense of doing what is right.

Sherry, a former National Vice President in the Beauty and Wellness space, also spent many years choreographing for Olympic figure skaters and professional dancers. Briana, an ambitious, 25-year-old executive with corporate expertise in product deployment and pricing and promotion strategy, knew that the salary and posh Miami apartment could no longer quench her desire to lead with purpose. On February 14, 2021, these two rebels made their vision a reality and Wild Habitat was born.

Over the last decade, sustainable values and practices have become embedded in society and businesses, especially where Millennials and Gen-Z are concerned. Without question, the demand for eco-friendly options is on the rise. In fact, the Global Ethical Fashion Market grew to

$6.5 billion in 2019 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.7% and is expected to reach

$15.2 billion by 2030.   Products that had sustainability claim on their packaging accounted for 16% of the market in 2018, up 14% since 2013.

Despite this, the feasibility of choosing sustainable remains difficult. In the age of large scale e-commerce, consumers demand ease of access and a one-stop-shop model. While 73% of millennials indicate they would spend more money on sustainable options, only ⅓ wind up doing so. Why? Mainly because there is a gap in education, transparency, and ease of access in sustainable shopping. Beyond this, sustainable products only comprise 17% of the market. As of now, eco-shopping is the Wild West for athletic consumers. “Greenwashing,” or the popular marketing practice of bombarding consumers with words like “eco-friendly” and “sustainable” without means to verify these claims, breeds mistrust in consumers.


As a means to correct this, Wild Habitat set out to put sustainability front and center; verifying manufacturing processes, materials, packaging, fair wages and giving back are the core ethos of every brand they carry. But don’t be fooled, these brands redefine what sustainable looks like. They take the standard, crunchy, granola “eco-apparel” from bland to grand: showcasing sexy, exciting, contemporary products. Wild Habitat’s one-stop-shop marketplace gives like-minded, athletic consumers a trustworthy place to shop responsibly.

As experts in the sustainable space, Sherry and Briana have a vision for the future of the athletic marketplace. Their intent, as they grow, is to foster innovation in sustainable athletic gear. From equestrian, to soccer, to sailing, to MMA, companies have yet to innovate sustainably in major athletic markets. Their dream is to not only bring brands together but also to champion sustainable innovation across the entire athletic industry.

For now, some of the incredible brands you can find on are for surfers, skiers, hikers, yogis and fitness enthusiasts alike. Some of the products featured on the Wild Habitat platform include skateboards made of bamboo, activewear and swimwear manufactured from recycled fishnets, water bottles and even fabric made of eucalyptus. Wild Habitat is inspiring athletes and adventure-seekers to support these thoughtful brands and encouraging companies with similar principles to join their ever-expanding e-commerce community.

As a part of their own commitment to giving back, Wild Habitat sets aside 3% of all purchases for consumers to donate to a charity selected during the checkout process. With fierce determination, Wild Habitat will be a tour de force for change in the athletic industry.

We live in a global economy. Every purchase, every interaction we have with this world, leaves a footprint. As ski seasons shrink, hiking trails heat up, and the ocean dies, these footprints are leaving their mark on the wild spaces we love. Wild Habitat is at the forefront and taking giant steps to build a world where sport, adventure, and community come together. They are blazing new trails towards a sustainable and digital future… and have only just begun.




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