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March 17
16:12 2021
It is said that in marketing, content is king. But among content types, video rules them all. There is no denying that in this generation, video content is the most consumed media form there is.

To illustrate this trend: YouTube is second only to Google as the most visited website on the internet. This makes it the world’s most popular video-sharing platform with 36.5 billion visitors a month. Meanwhile, social media giant Facebook falls behind YouTube as the world’s third most visited website with 25.5 billion visitors a month. However, video content is Facebook’s most engaged post format. Continuing with the ranking is Facebook’s sister company, Instagram. It is a photo and short-form video-sharing platform and it is the fourth most visited internet platform in the world at 6 billion visitors.

Explaining the popularity of video is easy. First, humans are visual creatures and videos are engaging because they are visual and dynamic. Video communication can be as direct as two people talking to each other. Second, advancement in electronics production and economies of scale has made smartphones with excellent camera functions very affordable. Most people have a smartphone and anybody with a smartphone can be a casual videographer. The third is the advancement of internet technology. This has made video-sharing and video-consumption very commonplace.

But if anybody can make a video then anybody also can make a video sales letter? What is a video sales letter anyway and why having it done professionally will take an online business to the next level?

A video sales letter is a video that pitches a product or service to a prospective viewer or audience. It evolved out of a traditional sales letter. Sales letters were written letters sent out via postal mail service (remember those?) and they were designed to persuade its readers into purchasing a particular product or service using attractive pictures and convincing words. Now we have sales “letters” in video form and we can find video sales letters on websites, landing pages, digital ads, and of course, email.

A video sales letter is simply the best way to sell online. While internet users can skim blogs and articles, gloss over images, and opt-out longer forms of static content, people still give attention to videos. In fact, most consumers rank video the highest among the type of content they want to see more of. Why? Because videos communicate better and they can tell a story. As such, they are more memorable than all other content forms.

And when it comes to providing affordable but professional-grade video sales letters,’s video sales letter development package is hard to beat.

Being a digital marketing services provider, has a very sizable consumer knowledge and marketing experience. It knows what customers want in products and services, and it uses this knowledge to make its video sales letters meaningful and effective for online businesses. ensures that its video sales letters have the most important marketing qualities. One, video sales letters are designed to catch attention. Not only are the videos visually attractive but more importantly, engaging. This could mean “paying” for the viewer’s attention upfront with value entertainment or a promise of solving their problem.

A video from often presents a product or service as a solution to a problem. It can also build a relationship between a business and its customers. A video can help develop brand identity and recognition. It can also help in earning customer’s trust. Also, important that videos call a viewer to act now and make a purchasing decision.

What’s part of’s Video Sales Letter Development Package? It includes story concept consultation. This ensures the theme and style of the video are consistent with the brand’s messaging and identity. Additionally, the service includes visual planning. This will serve as the style guide for the video production. And lastly, it includes script development which will serve as the copywriting backbone of the video.

If full video production services are needed, is able to accommodate this as part of its more premium service offerings. This special service provides the advantage of having a consistent rate of professional-level quality from conceptualization to final output.

The final result is a video that engages its viewer, strengthens a brand, promotes a recall, and builds relationships. Above all else,’s video sales letter sells.

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