Staying in Shape has never been more Convenient and Can Be Done from the Comfort of Home

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Staying in Shape has never been more Convenient and Can Be Done from the Comfort of Home

February 18
14:10 2021

Most Gyms are now closed throughout the world, including sections of Canada, or even when open, can have limited capacity requirements imposed.  In addition, with Covid-19 still hanging in strong throughout Canada and the rest of the world, it makes sense to stay home and enjoy working out in the comfort of your own home.  This has led many individuals to purchase programs and equipment at home that they can use on their own.  However, nothing beats a personal one on one trainer, and First Class Personal Training of Toronto can now offer training with a certified trainer virtually in any location in the GTA via the remote classes that they are now offering. 

From cardio to strength training and everything in between, if anyone has Zoom or Skype capabilities, then First Class Personal Training can offer the type of one on one training most individuals prefer right from the comfort of their home.  Personal strength training on a daily or even weekly basis not only builds muscle and endurance but relaxes and enhances the mind and body.  With the hectic environment we are in, this remote approach is well received by clients new and old.

Having a session right at home feels the same as if a person is right there in the gym, without the inconvenience of having to drive to the gym or share equipment with others.  The classes are personalized, and a free virtual assessment of goals and state of physical fitness is done initially.  This is followed by a fitness plan unique to each client with goals and timelines spelled out in detail for each client. 

Fun is never left out either, as the trainers look to make each class a unique and enjoyable experience.  In fact, many clients really prefer the virtual classes offered now, as there is more of a focus on their needs, due to the physical fitness evaluation that is done prior to starting a program.  No longer do individuals just have to jump on a treadmill or use weight equipment based on their own judgment.  The classes are more personal when they are remote, and they also are more encouraging and fun. 

Sticking to a physical fitness regimen is easier and more convenient using the remote capabilities of First Class Personal Training strength classes.  There is less reason to skip classes when done right at home and results can also be seen more immediately when using the technology of today to access these classes.  Zoom and Skype are both easily downloadable so for most individuals it is easy to switch from onsite training to in-home remote strength and physical fitness training.  Staying in shape and healthy has never been simpler than now.  Throw the excuses for not staying in shape away.  First Class Personal Training provides everyone in the GTA the ability to enhance or maintain fitness levels with no stress.

About First Class Personal Training

Serving the GTA for over 15 years, First Class Personal Training now offers remote strength training and other fitness classes through Zoom and Skype due to the Covid-19 virus that is still affecting areas of Canada and the world.  This type of offering is safe and can be even more effective in establishing and maintaining physical fitness than traditional methods. 

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