uvFreshr Pod Launches as a Three-in-One: Phone Sanitizer, UV Sanitizer Box, & UV Sanitizer Wand

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uvFreshr Pod Launches as a Three-in-One: Phone Sanitizer, UV Sanitizer Box, & UV Sanitizer Wand

December 22
04:57 2020
uvFreshr Pod Launches as a Three-in-One: Phone Sanitizer, UV Sanitizer Box, & UV Sanitizer Wand
uvFreshr launches hottest uv sanitizer box that can be used as a large phone sanitizer, uv sterilizer box, & as a uv wand leaving competitors in the dust!

Ever wanted a three-in-one sanitizer box that triples as a phone sanitizer, UV box, and a UV light wand? With the Covid 19 pandemic it has become imperative to disinfect personal items like a phone, kid’s toys, remote and to use a UV light wand to sanitize larger areas. The uvFreshr Pod the does all this safely, without a fuss.

uvFreshr Pod is a product that disinfects with UV light at a peak germicidal wavelength of 253.7 nanometers. The product has been tested by the prestigious University of Guelph laboratories in Canada and produced dramatic results of 99.9999% disinfection of its contents in the suggested cycle time of 10 minutes.

Consumers love this sanitizer box because it has capacity but is also portable, because it offers the best wavelength to kill off viruses and bacteria but is also cute. It delivers a reduction in bacterial count that is higher than what is “hospital grade.” It is large enough to accommodate a remote, the largest phone, headphones, eyeglasses, toys, keys, currency, baby pacifiers and an infant feeder. uvFreshr POD uv box can also sanitize masks, though sanitizing the N95 mask more than a few times is not advisable.

UvFreshr POD comes in aesthetic white color with a genuine beige leather strap. Its tough screen allows the cycle time settings of 5, 10, or 15 minutes. It has highly polished aluminum mirrors which reflect UVC light in all directions allowing for 360 degrees sanitization. This uv light sanitizer is stylish and makes hygiene very portable whether at the office or on a picnic. It has a USB-C port in the lid with each full charge allowing for 2.5 hours of runtime. The lid houses twin UV light bulbs for extra power. These bulbs have a long life of over 10,000 hours. The lid also doubles up as a UV light wand and can be used to sanitize any large surface area thus making the device a two in one sanitizer. The lid has a safety sensor which will temporarily turn the device off if it is rotated to face upwards to protect the human eye. The packaging looks cool too.

Not many people appreciate that UV light provides higher disinfection than hospital grade hygiene standards. The makers of uvFreshr Pod are a family-owned American Company and have designed this device with love and care. They have successfully launched the uvFreshr Pod uv light sanitizer box on amazon.

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Company Name: Altan Robotech
Contact Person: Alfred Dsouza
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Phone: 1-833-772-5826
Country: United States
Website: https://uvfreshr.com/

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