Waqar Hassan’s Journey: From an Ordinary Employee to a Multinational Digital Marketing Company

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Waqar Hassan’s Journey: From an Ordinary Employee to a Multinational Digital Marketing Company

December 07
21:51 2020

A huge population of people that does the 9 to 5 job around the world wants a way out of this routinely boring lifestyle. Not everyone is successful in doing that. Those who succeed always have an interesting story to tell. Somewhere in their lives, they take steps that ordinary people don’t.

Here is the story of Blogger Outreach Expert Waqar Ul Hassan, the owner and founder of Burgeoning Technologies LLC, who turned article writing and internet marketing into a full-on digital marketing company with offices in several countries. Let’s hear it from him.

His Ordinary Life as an Employee

Before Waqar Hassan even stepped into SEO writing and internet marketing, he was just an employee who used to work hard to earn a monthly salary and make both ends meet. There was a time when he even managed two jobs simultaneously. As painful and tiring as it was, he had a family to feed and some dreams that need realization. He worked hard and with honesty, but he knew somewhere inside that he had to do something big. He wanted to get out of this cycle of monthly salaries and do something that could serve as a tangible proof of his skills.

The Best Wrong Decision of Hassan’s Life

Everything was going fine when something unexpected happened. It was a ripple in the stagnant waters of his life. He wouldn’t have ever known that this ripple was going to turn into a giant wave and change his life forever. A disagreement at the company he worked at resulted in more than a dozen people resigning at the same time. He happened to be one of them. As they all stood jobless, Waqar Hassan knew he had to do something immediately instead of crying over spilled milk. At some point, he regretted his decision to leave the company. However, he believes he couldn’t have taken any more appropriate steps that day.

He Turned into a Content Writer

Without wasting time in other things, he started to look for work opportunities online. That’s where his career as a content writer started. He would grab writing tasks and do his best to complete them before the deadlines to get good reviews. Some guys from his previous employer who resigned from the job were now working with Hassan as his team. The starting was tremendously difficult, and he even survived a few frauds. Though, he is thankful to those fraudsters because they taught him how to be a professional in the online world.

He Started His Own Blogs

After more than a year, he had become quite aware of the trends in the online world. He had noticed the overwhelming interest of website owners in guest posts. Due to the way Google’s SEO algorithms worked at that time, they were all looking for backlinks. Blogger outreach and Guest posts were the best way for them to get those backlinks directing to their websites. He set up his own blogs and by maintaining a good profile with Google, he was soon in a position where he was accepting clients’ guest post requests and providing them with their desired backlinks from his own blogs.

He Started Offering Blogger Outreach on Freelancing Platforms and Things Improved Further

Quitting that job was one of the best life-changing decisions of his life. However, the best decision in terms of business boost was when he joined Fiverr in 2014. Fiverr Gigs proved to be a revelation for him and his blogs. The outreach of his blogs increased significantly – exactly the type of boost that he was looking for. After joining Fiverr, the requests for guest posts and blogs started to come to him like hotcakes. He knew in his heart somewhere that this was the start of something big for him. He was fully dedicated to entertaining every request he received and his blogs became a lucrative business for him. With the increasing demand for Blogger Outreach and Digital Marketing, Waqar Hassan expanded his services to offering backlinks, shoutouts, and press releases from some of the very renowned digital platforms.

He Started an Internet Marketing Company

The boost that Fiverr gave him was huge. While he was getting the requests from various website owners for their backlinks, I covered another milestone. Soon after becoming a busy freelancer in the blogging and digital marketing industry, he started studying Web Design and Programming in 2015 at one of the highly reputed institutes in Lahore, Pakistan. His range of services expanded to Web Development, Web Design, Graphic Design, and Social Media Marketing. More importantly, his services started generating more revenues as he was now selling backlinks on some of the major websites on the internet such as Buzzfeed.com, Lifehack.org, Entrepreneur.com, etc.

As per Waqar Hassan, when he had started to write web content and founded his company in 2011, he was not really sure about the scope of things. Maybe he was just finding another stream of income for him at that time. However, his hard work and dedication boosted his motives as a business owner. By 2018, the company started from a bedroom had offices in various countries around the world. Right now, his offices are located in Georgia (Eastern Europe), UAE, Malaysia, and Pakistan.

What Hassan’s Internet Marketing Company Does

Internet marketing can be a vague term because there is so much that it covers. Today, Burgeoning Technologies LLC is a reliable name when it comes to internet marketing solutions. As a part of our digital marketing services, the company helps companies enhance their marketing impact on the internet to help them grow and expand. The main goal of their efforts is to boost the visibility of the company on the internet, making the company more searchable for internet users from around the world. In addition to that, their aim is to help these companies achieve their revenue goals and increase their sales with their effective digital marketing services.

Effective digital marketing is critically important for today’s businesses, and it makes Hassan proud that his company helps these businesses with something so important.

Waqar Hassan’s New Ventures as a World Traveler

Now that Waqar Hassan is already a successful Tech Entrepreneur, he decided that it was the perfect time for him to explore the world and learn as much as he can from different cultures and people. He started traveling with this aim in 2019 and has traveled to many companies so far. He also shares his traveling experiences on YouTube through his YouTube Channel EXPLORE WITH HASSAN. His videos have generated thousands of views from a global audience and thus he is clearly helping a lot of new travelers with important travel information from destinations around the world. He runs his company on the go and inspires a lot of freelancers as well as travelers around the globe.

Concluding Remarks

There are lessons to be learned from Waqar Hassan’s story. First, big achievements are almost always a result of big risks that only a few succeed and others fail to take. Secondly, it is clear that the internet can be an excellent opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to get the international outreach they need for their skills to be recognized and their ideas to turn into reality.

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