Majores Begins B2B Supplier Operations

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Majores Begins B2B Supplier Operations

December 04
01:33 2020
Majores Begins B2B Supplier Operations
Majores announces that it would be moving towards acting as a B2B supplier within the VPN services market in France and Europe as a whole.

December 3, 2020 – In July 2020 Majores announced that it would be moving towards acting as a B2B supplier within the VPN services market in France and Europe as a whole. This is as opposed to purely offering information services that give its readers up to date information about internet privacy measures and security.

Majores managing director officially announced – “Due to popular demand, our firm has decided that it is time to open up the gateway by offering full support to our readers who own their own business. Many of them sign up to the services and products our website recommends and then come back to us asking for support or help. We are now proud to announce that we can now offer these services as a middleman after completing negotiations with the brands that we cover on our platform”.

It is not uncommon for platforms that originally started as an informational service to move into support services. In the case of Majores, the firm will not only help people make the right decision when deciding on an internet security product that is right for their personal or business needs, but the firm will also offer aftercare services.

One of the main aims Majores set out to fulfill was to help people ‘save time’. By putting all the best and most reputable brand names in one location, people can review all the options available to them in one easy to digest guide. This way, all the options are available in one place and this also avoids people looking at unknown brands and services that offer these types of service but do not use the correct technology.

There are always cases of market manipulation where firms or brands will try to con people with a cheap inferior product that does not work. The old saying goes ‘it needs to do what it says it does on the packet’.

Not only does Majores ensure that people are pointed in the right direction when it comes to high-quality brands, but the firm also educates people how to make sure the brand or service they are using is living up to its service delivery promise” – the firm’s managing director is referring to the many testing tools, step-by-step guides, and feature their platform offers to its members and readers to educate them on how to make sure they are getting what they paid for.

From information and support service to a full suite of educational guides as well as testing tools, Majores has made tremendous leaps and bounds within the online security industry. As such, the company is recognized as a trustworthy and safe go-to firm for both consumers and businesses.

About Majores

Majores is a major informational IT network service provider that targets both French and English-speaking internet users. The company piloted its platform giving people information about certain IT security products. Its main area of expertise is internet security and privacy helping people understand how important secure connections to the internet are. Now the company also acts in a support capacity giving its clientele expert advice, pre-sales guidance, and aftercare services.


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