Relationship And Transformational Coach Katie Lucantonio Announces New Soul Mate Attraction Program

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Relationship And Transformational Coach Katie Lucantonio Announces New Soul Mate Attraction Program

November 25
17:18 2020

Griffith, New South Wales – Relationship and transformational coach Katie Lucantonio is announcing her new Soul Mate Attraction program, a one-on-one coaching program for women who want to attract a high quality man and transform their lives. She offers free consultations at

Soul Mate Attraction is a three-month, personalised, one-on-one healing and coaching package to help women overcome old childhood wounds, parental coding, heartbreaks, and setbacks life that have held them back from attracting the right partner. “In Soul Mate Attraction, we will work through a woman’s emotional blocks, turn those issues around to a point that they ultimately feel good about themselves, and elevate them to a place where they can attract a high-vibe partner, a soul mate.”

Lucantonio says the cycle of heartbreak repeatedly occurs because women are making several key mistakes. “They’re settling,” she says, “They’re allowing bad behavior. Plus, any guy who comes along is someone they want to make into ‘The One,’ but that comes at the cost of ignoring the red flags.” Desperation is the other problem. “Desperation makes women think anyone will do, even if the man doesn’t treat her the way she deserves or prioritize her needs and desires.”

“’High-vibe’ partner means a quality man that the woman has always dreamt about, who she’s always struggled to attract because she’s always attracted the wrong type of man – who’s hurt her, cheated on her, and disappointed her.” A quality man also means one who’s masculine, strong, supportive of the woman’s life, and comes to the table with his own life issues in order.

Lucantonio adds that Soul Mate Attraction impacts not only romantic relationships, but also positively effects other areas of life, such as career advancement and the way women show up in the world. “Just as bad relationships can become a habit, accepting mistreatment and disappointment can become a habit as well, to the point that women accept that in several different aspects of their life without even realizing it,” she says. The Soul Mate Attraction program emphasizes strategies for women to gain self-confidence, build self-esteem, and tap into their power.

A coach for more than a decade, Lucantonio uses a balance of coaching, energy healing, and sacred freedom techniques. She is a qualified practitioner in the breakthrough practice of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), which combines hypnotherapy, NLP, CBT, and psychotherapy to reach the root cause of the client’s issue and release it from the subconscious, so it no longer blocks personal and professional achievement. “It literally resets your blueprint for success!” she says.

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