Zensational Kids Helps School Communities Manage the Increased Stress Educators and Students Are Facing During These Trying Times

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Zensational Kids Helps School Communities Manage the Increased Stress Educators and Students Are Facing During These Trying Times

October 12
19:57 2020
Zensational Kids Helps School Communities Manage the Increased Stress Educators and Students Are Facing During These Trying Times
This organization works with school districts nationwide, bringing trauma-informed, mindfulness and social-emotional learning programs to help faculty, students and families build the inner resources needed to thrive, even in the face of tremendous adversity such as COVID-19

The pandemic has brought mental health challenges to people worldwide, especially to the youth. While stress, anxiety and adversity sabotage learning, Zensational Kids, teaches tools to harness inner calm, even when chaos is everywhere. Infusing ancient practices of mindfulness with the evidence based research of neuroscience and social-emotional learning, K-12 districts have been discovering that students need to feel calm and safe before any learning can happen. The Zensational Kids programs empower classrooms to create ‘learning-ready,states’ within the mind and body of each individual. This not only supports academic success, it also improves mental health.

Through workshops and professional development trainings, Zensational Kids also helps educators manage their own nervous system, reducing overwhelm and emotional exhaustion. When greater well-being is established in the school culture, fewer behavioral issues interfere with learning as well.

“Zensational Kids is activating the unlimited potential of every student and educator. You can’t change what is going on around you until you start changing what is going on within you. When we teach our children how to harness their power to notice their thoughts and emotions with kindness, they build their skill of managing their inner states. This is a key competency for learning,” said Allison Morgan, founder of Zensational Kids.

Morgan, founder and CEO of Zensational Kids is a pediatric occupational therapist, author, public speaker, and mother driven to empower youth and adults.

The organization has been helping students manage stress, handle big emotions, heal from trauma, alleviate and prevent mental health challenges such as anxiety, depression, and feelings of loneliness for many years. Today, it focuses on supporting the mental health of youth in the face of COVID-19.

The organization believes these ancient tools have never been more needed in today’s world and definitely in today’s school culture. The time has come to address the rising national rates of chronic stress and anxiety as well as the increase in developmental and mental health challenges affecting the youth.

The team at Zensational Kids has also been working with school districts throughout the country for eight years. They help them build a culture of compassion and empower every member of the school community to develop the inner resources to thrive in any climate, even in a pandemic.

The organization also provides training and workshops for educators and parents. Currently, it is providing all of its services virtually, which include wellness and self-care for educators, mindfulness and SEL curriculum training, mentoring, curriculum integration support, and parent workshops.

For more information on Zensational Kids, visit https://zensationalkids.com.

About Zensational Kids

Zensational Kids helps pre-K-12 school districts seamlessly implement social-emotional learning and mindfulness tools into the classroom to build competency, confidence, and compassion. The organization aids school communities to develop essential inner resources such as focused attention, self-awareness, and stress resilience so every person can thrive. The result is greater joy and ease in leading, learning, and living.

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