Professional Electrical Services Available in Newport Beach

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Professional Electrical Services Available in Newport Beach

July 29
19:42 2020
Professional Electrical Services Available in Newport Beach

All modern homes have electrical service, but many of those properties don’t have adequate wiring to meet today’s complicated needs. That’s especially true if your home is more than roughly 30 years old. However, even many homes built within the last few years aren’t able to deal with smart home innovations and charging electric vehicles. Most Newport Beach industry experts recommend having an electrician evaluate your home’s service panel and wiring to ensure electrical problems don’t arise.

Start With the Service Panel

Many older homes still have outdated 60-amp service panels. Some of those panels still use old-fashioned fuses rather than breakers. Even the 100-amp panels that have been common for quite a few years are inadequate to meet today’s needs. Modern homes have far more appliances, entertainment systems, and computerized devices than were commonly seen even 10 years ago. In most cases, modern demands dictate that service panels today should have at least a 200-amp capacity. 

Consider Upgrading Older Outlets

GFCI outlets have been required in wet areas for years, but many older homes still don’t have them installed. That’s a serious safety issue, and electricians from companies like S.E.Electrical Services, Inc recommend installing GFCI outlets in exterior locations, bathrooms, and garages to protect anyone using electrical devices from serious electrical shocks. 

Homes built after 1999 should also have AFCI circuit breakers installed. If your home was built before that date, it’s strongly recommended you have AFCI outlets installed at the beginning of every circuit to protect the home and its occupants from arc faults. If you’re unsure what type of outlets are installed in your home, contact the experts at for advice.

Explore New Lighting Options

Older lighting options used far too much energy and often didn’t provide sufficient light for a home’s occupants. Newer options provide far better lighting throughout a home and use far less electricity. The place to start is with a comprehensive lighting plan. Electricians are trained to identify lighting needs and work with clients to choose the types of fixtures to use and decide where they should be installed. That’s not a simple process, and the planning should never be rushed. 

Since fixtures are available in a range of styles, sizes, and price points, it pays to do some shopping to ensure the best options are selected. Work with your electrician and lighting experts to make sure you’re totally satisfied with your choices. 

Plan for the Future

How homeowners and their families use electricity is rapidly evolving. That suggests it’s important to consider the future when updating electrical services today. Work with the experts at to make sure your home’s electrical system is prepared for tomorrow’s needs. Will you be purchasing an electric car? Are you planning to install “smart” devices like HVAC systems, appliances, and entertainment systems? If so, make sure your home’s electrical system will be able to handle the load. 

Choose a Local Expert

S.E. Electrical Services, Inc has been serving Orange County and surrounding areas for over 10 years. The company’s team has the expertise needed to ensure your home has a safe and modern electrical system. Of course, the owner and every employee are willing to take the time to explain why they recommend different services and upgrades. 

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