Blankets Become the Secret Weapon in Modern Shipping

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Blankets Become the Secret Weapon in Modern Shipping

June 27
05:36 2020

Blanket wrapping is revolutionizing the safe movement of delicate goods, particularly for boutique furniture stores, online retailers, antique sellers and removal companies.

Not only does this method of transporting goods provide better protection a delicate goods are transported with other similar items, it is environmentally friendly as it does not have to use plastic packaging.

Ontario Container Transport (OCT) is one of the forward-thinking shipping companies to adopt this method of transport for many of its customers. Their blanket wrapping service is perfect for goods such as chandeliers, furniture, art pieces or antiques.

OCT always provide two people working on each truck, so there is no chance that goods will be damaged when they are being loaded and unloaded.

A spokesman from OCT said: “Many people might inadvertently use a blanket or a sheet to transport the odd delicate item from one place to another. Well now professional transport companies like ourselves have recognized the benefit of this for many customers and have adopted it on a massive scale. Blanket wrapped goods are literally wrapped in blankets and secured in the transport trucks using straps. It is a great way to move fragile goods or those that are too big to be packed in the traditional sense.

“This way of transporting fragile and delicate goods is the least risky for retailers as the items they are shipping are less likely to be scratched, chipped or broken in transit. With blanket wrapping, you know that your shipment is going to be secure in a truck with other similar items. When using traditional methods of shipping, your goods could be next to heavy machinery, tools or even a load of bricks. This will increase the risk of damage to a client’s shipment.

“There are some points to consider when using a blanket wrapping service though. Retailers must be aware that it is a lengthier process. Everything is manually packed and distributed, and trucks may need to make numerous stops on a journey, so this will impact on delivery times,” he added.

Delivery for blanket wrapped items could take as long as two months – dependent on locations of pickup and delivery, and the number of other deliveries that one particularly truck will be making.

But the popularity of this method of carriage is growing and more and more transport companies are offering this type of service. This means a network of points where retailers can keep their goods will increase, which means that transit times will decrease.

About OCT

OCT is based in Ontario and offers customers at full transport, storage and distribution service dependent on their needs. They offer with container shipping services; transport and delivery of items using truck and freight shipping; air, rail and sea freight; local deliveries; and warehousing and distribution.

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