DL Davies Releases New Historical Fiction Set in the Mayan World, ‘Cuauhtemoc: Descending Eagle’

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DL Davies Releases New Historical Fiction Set in the Mayan World, ‘Cuauhtemoc: Descending Eagle’

April 22
19:04 2020

April 22, 2020 Author D.L. Davies is back with yet another riveting historical tale set in the South American ancient civilizations. ‘Cuauhtémoc: Descending Eagle’ traces the life and journey of its protagonist, Cuauhtémoc, sharing with the readers his childhood adventures, fights with pirates and more exciting stuff.

‘Cuauhtémoc: Descending Eagle’ covers the time when the Middle Age world was expanding exponentially in the 16th century. The story takes place in the Mayan territory, and is thematically based on how things could have been.

Cuauhtémoc, born in a small village in Maya is a gifted child, and attends the birdman school to become a birdman and a messenger. His story is full of adventure, which includes fighting with his own men as well as pirate raiders. The story covers twelve years of his life, by the end of which he is selected by the commander of the garrison to go to the City of Emperors.

Author DL Davies spent six years in the Army in the mid-seventies and was stationed in Germany. While working as an auto mechanic and welder, he also spent his free time composing stories in his mind. Among his other works are ‘Cuauhtémoc: Descent of the Sun Priests’ and ‘Cuauhtémoc: Descendant of the Jaguar’.

I tell the tales of other times and places: in the past, present or on Earth as it might be hundreds of years from now and alternate worlds and realities. Within the last few years, I decided to put some of these thoughts onto paper and this book that I presume you to be holding is one of those realities,” says Davies.

Born in Susanville, CA, Davies grew up in many US states such as California, Arizona, Florida, Nevada, Idaho and Montana. His hobbies include photography, fishing, hiking and other outdoor activities; but his favorite pastime is creating stories in his head.

Excerpt from the novel: “Cuauhtémoc was unique in many ways. For one, he learned to speak before he could walk; one was centered in speech, the second was attuned to the development of his muscles.”

Buy on Amazon Kindle: ‘Cuauhtémoc: Descending Eagle’

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