Medusa Artistry Offers Beautiful and Hassle-Free Permanent Brow Procedure

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Medusa Artistry Offers Beautiful and Hassle-Free Permanent Brow Procedure

April 22
17:00 2020
For those tired of the idealized beauty standards, putting on daily makeup, or refusing to go under the knife just to look a certain way, they can turn to permanent makeup. Medusa Artistry is a permanent brow studio near Boise whose aim is to make all their clients look and feel good.

As the saying goes, everyone is beautiful. But some people want to get the extra dose of beauty to really stand out against a sea of beautiful people. There are many ways to do that. Some people wear makeup and dress nicely. Others turn to cosmetic surgery to make them feel good about how they look. For those that think putting on makeup every day is too much of a hassle yet going under the knife is too extreme, they can always turn to permanent makeup. Medusa Artistry is a fully licensed permanent makeup studio that’s ready to help anyone achieve an eye-catching beauty without having to spend time on putting on daily makeup or undergoing cosmetic surgery.

The founder of Medusa Artistry, Madi Krings, went into permanent cosmetics due to her mom who owned and operated a salon. She grew up around beauty and wanted to offer the same service to others that her mother did. Madi made her salon a safe haven for young girls and women who are constantly bombarded with the ideal standard of beauty. It is a safe haven where they can be just themselves, where their confidence is boosted, and a place where natural beauty is given precedence over the beauty standards of society. The salon also makes sure that the client’s safety is prioritized by being extremely sanitary and using only disposable products.

The service that Medusa Artistry is all geared towards accentuating what is already there. They don’t go out to change a person’s appearance through drastic permanent makeup procedures. They offer hair stroke brows, also known as microblading. It serves to give brows a fuller, more natural look. Combination brow combines both hair strokes and powder brows. Clients can choose between an elegant day-to-day look, or if they prefer a more polished appearance. Powder brow gives clients a more elegant and polished brow but without the blocky brow appearance. This procedure is done with a tattoo gun. Last is the ombre brow which is similar to powder brows only it imitates dusting around the brow.

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