Status Charge Empowers Businesses with World-Class Uptime Monitoring

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Status Charge Empowers Businesses with World-Class Uptime Monitoring

April 10
18:02 2020
Most businesses today engage with the majority of their clients on their websites. It is an absolute necessity for every digital business to be up and running at all times.

Aside from being costly, website downtime greatly affects a business in terms of brand reputation, bottom line revenue, and search engine visibility. It is crucial for business owners to have a reliable company that can provide world-class uptime monitoring so they will know when their website is down and be able to fix the issues immediately.

Status Charge is a start-up online platform that aims to provide quality monitoring services to its clients. The platform wants to empower businesses by providing the necessary uptime monitoring tools to ensure that all online business activities run as smoothly as possible and without interruptions.

While the internet allows businesses to reach out to global users, this does not guarantee that customers across the globe can access business websites uninterruptedly. A website may be working fine in one location while experiencing downtimes or outages in other locations. This means that a website’s performance and accessibility vary from one location to another.

As a reliable website monitoring company, Status Charge has already foreseen these scenarios. Its services include monitoring and optimizing its clients’ websites to ensure that they are working fine and providing a good browsing experience to all customers accessing the websites from different geographical locations.

Websites serve as a business’s virtual store, where clients come to buy goods and commodities. A website is expected to be accessible, reliable, and at its optimum performance; these attributes can make or break a business.

Aside from monitoring, Status Charge also offers website maintenance. It looks out for key indicators that would define a website’s performance. This ensures that all information will be available to the users.

As uptime monitoring is vital to the success of a business, find out how Status Charge’s monitoring services can help businesses in many ways.

  • Reduced bounce rate – Living in the world of technology, internet users are becoming prevalent and, at times, impatient. If a website takes longer to load, it is most likely that they will abandon the site. This can have a bad effect on the business. Status Charge’s uptime monitoring services can avoid bounce. The more accessible a website is, the more traffic it will bring. This means a higher chance of converting this traffic to buying customers, thus reducing the bounce rate.
  • Peace of mind – Business owners won’t have peace of mind if they are unsure that their website is up and running. Status Charge’s uptime monitoring services assure clients that their websites are continuously monitored for any possible downtime. This gives business owners peace of mind that their websites are taken care of while they deal with other essential aspects of their business.
  • Protected business brand and image – A business’s brand and image are important and largely depend on the customers’ level of satisfaction. Frequent downtimes can greatly damage a business’s reputation, particularly, its brand and image. Status Charge’s uptime monitoring services ensure that the business’s brand and the image are positively managed and prevent unwanted business hazards.
  • Hacker detection – Disruption from hackers is one reason why websites experience downtime. Hackers can insert malicious codes into the system that can potentially damage a website. Status Charge’s uptime monitoring services can easily detect potential hacking attempts. 
  • Better search engine rankings – A website’s overall performance (speed, uptime, and downtime) influence its ranking on the search engines. Google can determine if a website is frequently offline and impose strict ranking penalties. Depending on the severity of the penalty, a website can take months to fully recover. Status Charge’s uptime monitoring services provide tools that will help format a website in line with Google’s recommendations. This ensures its improved performance and boosts its search engine ranking.

These are just a few of the advantages a business can get from Status Charge’s uptime monitoring services. Status Charge empowers businesses with its guaranteed 99.9% uptime performance, ensuring its optimal performance and uninterrupted web-related activities.

To know more about the Status Charge, visit For further inquiries, send an email to [email protected].

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