Finding a Dream Mattress is Easy with Newer Bed-in-a-Box Alternative Mattresses

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Finding a Dream Mattress is Easy with Newer Bed-in-a-Box Alternative Mattresses

February 20
16:46 2020

Studies show that a good night’s sleep is imperative!  Sleeping well is not a luxury; it is indeed a necessity for good health, great energy, and mental functionality.  Individuals that routinely don’t get enough sleep can experience all sorts of physical illnesses as lack of proper sleep also suppresses the immune system. Many individuals do not realize how their health is jeopardized by lack of good sleep. 

The problem with lack of good sleep many times stems from the use of old, worn-out mattresses. 

Good sleep is termed “restorative” sleep and there are five cycles.  These five cycles must go uninterrupted.  While some sleep problems are because of medical issues or chronic insomnia, a lot of sleep problems can be addressed simply by purchasing a new, comfortable, and restful mattress.  The problem with doing so for many in Canada, is that their lifestyle is too hectic to pick out a mattress, and then either transport it home, or arrange for a delivery day around their schedules.

One out of three Canadians do not get enough sleep or get enough quality sleep. 

Lifestyle, work, stress and many other factors point to a lack of good sleep in a broad range of Canadian society.  This lack of sleep impacts work, home, and social life among Canadians.  Studies also show that a good mattress can contribute to better sleep among Canadians.  Mattress brands abound in Canada, with bed-in-a-box solutions now available.  A good mattress can alleviate many chronic aches and pains and contribute to less awakening during the night, allowing all five sleep cycles to go uninterrupted. 

There are many types of mattress materials available, from memory foam to traditional coil. 

Sleep Masters Bed-in-a-Box solutions offers all types of quick and easy selection and delivery of new mattresses to all ten provinces of Canada.  The Bed-in-a-Box solutions now available in Canada make finding and obtaining a new mattress for restful sleep a much simpler task than ever before.  Just choose a mattress, and delivery can now be arranged by Sleep Masters within days.  The new Bed-in-a-Box technologies allow a mattress to be compressed and delivered in a rolled-up state.

Gone are the days of the cumbersome mattress delivery.

Before Bed-in-a-box technology, mattresses had to be delivered in a huge box and then manoeuvred into a room.  The rolled- up Bed-in-a-Box comes compressed and is not cumbersome as the box that contains it is smaller.  Canadians only need open the box and within 24-48 hours the mattress retains its prior full shape and size.  This new type of packaging is making mattress purchasing and delivery simple and easy and Canadians can now get the sleep they need on a great mattress more efficiently and more hassle free.  A truly sleep-deprived Canadian country may be on the path to remedying this sleep deprivation with a Bed-in-a-Box! 

About Sleep Masters Canada

The Bed-in-a-Box system is a specialty of Sleep Masters Canada.  This Canadian firm provides a 100-night sleep trial on all their mattresses, with easy returns that the company picks up if returns are needed.  The company offers shipping to all Canadian provinces, and free shipping on purchases of $100 CAD or more.  A $25 CAD fee applies to purchases of less than $100 CAD.  There are traditional and luxury styles of mattresses. 1 to 2 days delivery inside the GTA and 3 to 5 days delivery outside the GTA.  Phone, email and an online inquiry form exist on the website.  Sleep Masters Bed-in-a-Box Canada has its own trucks for delivery but can also use other service delivery vehicles if needed. 

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