People Are Creating A Society of Binge Drinking and Impaired Driving, Warns Canadian Rehab Centre

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People Are Creating A Society of Binge Drinking and Impaired Driving, Warns Canadian Rehab Centre

February 19
16:34 2020

Rates of binge drinking have been slowly increasing in both Canada and the U.S. as well as other places in the Western world. Even more so, binge drinking has been normalized to such an extent that it has become intrinsically connected with normal, everyday life. Where once people were consuming alcohol to cope with stress – which is not to say, was a healthy response, and for special occasions and celebrations, binge drinking daily is now as normal as washing teeth twice a day.

The alarming increase of these rates has driven Canadian authorities to declare it a public health crisis. Several studies, however, continue to suggest the situation is worsening: the number of Canadian women self-identifying as binge drinkers has doubled from 1996 to 2013 alone, while another shows that wealthy white Canadian are engaging in even greater quantities of alcohol consumption, and so are people living in rural areas of Canada.

First off, we need to better understand binge drinking

Binge drinking is an often overlooked type of alcohol abuse. It is defined by typically drinking only a few days per week, or month. This is a behaviour just as dangerous as a full-blown addiction, explains Addiction Rehab Toronto spokesperson. The centre also wants to draw attention of another deeply linked issue increasing in incidence in recent years: impaired driving.

“Binge drinkers do not raise any alarm signs. By planning their drinking around various responsibilities such as work and school, they generally fly under the radar and their drinking is shrugged off as blowing off steam, social drinking, or even normal. But it is our experience that tells us binge drinking has the same devastating consequences as chronic, everyday drinking. In addition to this, we have had so many cases of patients driving under the influence which is in no way excusable but neither it is condemnable”, explained an Addiction Rehab Toronto spokesperson. 

Second of all, we need to treat not punish

Addiction Rehab Toronto has a long-standing history of providing holistic care for a wide range of addictions. As part of this, they have successfully supported a number of people sanctioned with DUI charges for drunk driving. “We are not saying hey, here have a free pass for driving under the influence with our program. We are trying to understand and provide solutions. A DUI charge is an incredibly serious offense that can even lead to jail time, but is that the most appropriate way to support someone with an addiction or does that just make things worse? Enrolling in an addiction program can play a key role in minimizing this punishment, and starting a path towards recovery”, concluded the spokesperson.

About Addiction Rehab Toronto

Addiction Rehab Toronto has differentiated themselves from their competitors by putting in place a comprehensive approach to addiction where the individual sits at the very core of everything they do. Their vision is to approach addiction and recovery as an on-going journey during which, with the appropriate medical care and expertise as well as compassion, anyone trying to overcome addiction can be empowered to find their path and heal.

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