Queensell Inc Announces First Crowdfunding Campaign for Mars Expedition: Sol43 – A Logic Board Game That Transcends Space and Mind

February 27
17:18 2024

Queensell Inc, a pioneering latest creation force in the world of logic board games, proudly announces the launch of its, “Mars Expedition: SOL43”. Authored by the ingenious Sergii Cherkasov and crafted with intricate design by the talented Lina Chykaluk, “Mars Expedition: SOL43” promises an immersive journey into the depths of logical exploration.

SOL43 is a 1-2 player logic game where Sol represents the Martian day, brimming with challenges and obstacles that must be overcome. As the captain of a research drone, 43 days of tests in endurance and intelligence await.

All games that contain puzzles are usually called logic games. This is so, because it is necessary to apply personal logical abilities to complete a level, solve a task or mission. However, usually in such games, logical constructions have the same structure, which simply becomes more complicated from the first mission to the last. In Sol43, the composition of puzzles in each mission (in each sol) is multi-layered. What does this mean? It may be said that it is a sandwich of puzzles. With the aim to live all 43 sols on the surface of Mars, the player will have to eat this “sandwich” as a whole. In Sol43, the first challenge is to decode the mission task. Then the player gets to the surface of the red planet, where the task has already been stated. It is necessary to learn how to handle the drone. At first, the landscape is simple because the operator is a novice, but the deeper the player immerses into the game, the more complex and diverse the Mars terrains become. Finally, it is necessary to warn the cosmologists about geomagnetic anomalies and unusual nanomaterials, such as aerographene, found on the surface of Mars. This is the “bechamel” of this game.

The forces of the natural elements come to life in this game, bringing extra hues to the overall panorama of the game board. Natural element of wind is concentrated in one cube. Is it possible to control it? Can it bring the astronauts’ plans to nothing? How to counteract the wind? How to make friendship with it? Science versus chance! This is a riddle that players will have to solve.

The spirit of a pioneer has lived in everyone from the earliest times. There is more unknown than described on the terrains of the red planet, so anyone who opens this box immediately becomes a pioneer of a whole world – the world of Mars stories.

Mars Expedition: SOL43 is launching on Kickstarter on March 6th, 2024! Join the interstellar adventure by clicking the link below and be among the first to conquer the red planet:


Curious to know more? Click the project page link below to discover the wonders that awaits in SOL43:


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