Turkey Visa For Mexican and Australian Citizens

September 26
08:58 2023


Foreigners who need a Turkish Emergency Visa (e-Emergency Visa) to travel to Turkey during a crisis will be granted one. An emergency may necessitate a journey to Turkey. You can apply for an emergency visa if you live outside of Turkey and need to visit Turkey for an emergency or urgent reason, such as the death of a family member or close friend, the need to appear in court for legal matters, or the fact that a member of your family or close friend is actually ill. By selecting the urgent application option, you can establish your immediate need for the e-Visa. You might have a last-minute business meeting in Turkey, decided to go to a festival, or discovered when you got to the port of entry that your country isn’t on the list for “Visa” on arrival. Any quick and urgent necessity can be met with a Turkey Urgent Visa. Most countries can now apply for a Turkish e-Visa online through the Turkish government by completing an Online Turkey Visa Application.

Documentation Required for Urgent Visa for Turkey

  • A valid passport with a validity of 6 months
  • You can use a Credit or debit card to pay for the visa fees.
  • A valid Email address to receive the E-Visa in their Inbox.
  • Travel tickets to Turkey


While most visitors arrive by plane, many also enter via the country’s land borders. The Republic of Türkiye is bordered by eight countries, providing travelers with a variety of overland access options. Because it is the easiest option to receive a visa, most eligible travelers choose to apply for a Turkey e-Visa online. Tourists arriving by car must additionally produce supplementary paperwork. This is to ensure that cars are legally imported into the country and that drivers have the proper permissions to operate on Turkish roads. These items include:

  • International driver’s license
  • License documents for your vehicle
  • Appropriate insurance to travel on Turkish roads (including an International Green Card)
  • Vehicle’s registration details

Getting into Turkey from Greece

Visitors can access the country by driving or walking across the Greece-Turkey border, which has two road crossing points:

  • Kastanies–Pazarkule
  • Kipi–İpsala

Both are in the north-east of Greece and are open 24 hours a day.

Crossing the Bulgaria-Turkey border

When entering Turkey via a Bulgarian land border crossing, tourists have three options:

  • Kapitan Andreevo–Kapıkule
  • Lesovo–Hamzabeyli
  • Malko Tǎrnovo–Aziziye

These are in Bulgaria’s south-eastern corner, near the Turkish city of Erdine, and give entrance to the country. Before you go, keep in mind that only the Kapitan Andreevo crossing is open around the clock. Furthermore, not all of these entry sites are always accessible by foot.

Traveling to Turkey from Georgia

Tourists can enter Turkey from Georgia via three different land routes:

  • Sarp
  • Türkgözü
  • Aktaş

All three checkpoints are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Visitors can cross the border on foot at Sarp and Türkgözü.

Entering Turkey from Iran

There are 2 land entry points into Türkiye from Iran:

  • Bazargan-Gürbulak
  • Sero-Esendere

Both are located in Iran’s northern corner. Only one of these is currently open 24 hours a day (Bazargan-Gürbulak).


If you are flying to your destination and transiting through Turkey, you must apply for a Turkish transit visa. International nationals must apply for a Turkish transit visa unless they are visa-free. Most nationals of most countries can apply for a transit visa to Turkey online. Passengers leaving the airport will need to obtain a transit visa for Turkey. Transit passengers who want to visit the city for a few hours must obtain a visa. No visa is required if the passenger stays in the airport’s transit area. The Turkey e-Visa Application Form can be completed and submitted in a matter of minutes. It is simple to apply for a transit visa to Turkey. People who meet the Turkey e-Visa requirements can complete an online application from their home or office.

Required Documents for Turkey Transit Visa

  • A valid Passport having validity of at least six months after you enter Turkey.
  • A valid Email address to receive notifications and the approved eVisa in their Inbox.
  • You can use a Debit or credit card to pay for the Turkey eVisa fees.


In 2013, the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs launched the Turkey e-Visa program. Applying for a Turkish visa online is quick and simple for Mexican citizens. Turkish e-Visa applications from Mexican citizens are now being accepted. Mexican people can apply to Turkish authorities for electronic visas. This technology approach was implemented to make traveling to Turkey easier and safer. Mexican citizens who wish to visit Turkey for tourism, business, transit, or medical treatment must get a Turkey e-Visa. Mexican citizens who plan to visit Turkey for less than 90 days must obtain a visa from Mexico. Turkish e-Visas have superseded traditional diplomatic visas for Mexican citizens. Mexican citizens may visit Turkey for up to 30 days for business or pleasure. Mexican citizens are allowed single entry to Turkey for up to 30 days with the Turkey e-Visa, which is issued upon arrival. The electronic visa is valid for 180 days after entry. Mexico passport holders can use e-Visa for single entry and stay 90 days (3 months). For other types of travel, such as studying or working in Turkey and staying longer than 3 months, Mexican citizens must obtain a Turkish tourist visa through an embassy or consulate. Mexicans must meet Turkey’s eVisa requirements to apply for a visa online. You can easily apply for a Turkish visa online without going to an embassy or consulate.


  • A Valid Mexican passport valid for 5 months after the arrival date
  • Your passport: include a copy of your valid passport to get the required details.
  • Email Address: you will get the travel document via email.
  • Payment method: Pay the application fee using one of the available payment methods. You can use a debit/credit card.


Australians must get a visa to travel to Turkey. Australians planning a vacation or business trip to Turkey must first apply online for a Turkey e-Visa. To obtain this travel authorization, applicants must meet the requirements for the Turkey e-Visa for Australians. Australia is one of nearly 100 nations that can apply for a Turkey e-Visa online, which means that holders of Australian passports can enter Turkey without visiting a Turkish embassy or consulate. In 2013, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey started the eVisa program. It is valid for stays of up to 90 days for Australian citizens. The Turkish Electronic Visa (e-Visa) is a travel permission issued to Australian nationals online. This is the quickest and most straightforward method of obtaining authorization to enter Turkey. During this time, it can be used for numerous entrances as well as transit via Turkey. As the Turkey e-Visa is electronically linked to the applicant’s Australian passport once approved, the same passport must be presented upon entry into Turkey. The eVisa system allows Australians to apply for an Essential Entry Permit in minutes. There is no need to go to the embassy when applying for Turkey visa online from Australia. Australian eVisa applicants are not required to present any documents in person at the Turkish Embassy. All information is transmitted electronically.

Requirements of Turkey Visa for Australian citizens

  • A valid Australian passport valid for 150 days beyond the date of arrival.
  • You can use a Debit or credit card to pay for the Turkey visa fees.
  • A valid Email address to receive the visa approval and other notifications in their Inbox.

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