A Beacon of Inspiration: Dr. Dely Po Go’s Speech Illuminates PAFCOM’s Grand Marshal Gala

May 25
17:32 2023

Dr. Dely Po Go delivered a captivating speech at the 2023 Grand Marshal and Coronation Ball of the Philippine American Friendship Community With great pride, she celebrated 33 years of PAFCOM’s commitment to fostering a strong and united community, dedicated to promoting the best interests of Filipino Americans.

In her address, Dr. Go emphasized the importance of community and unity, highlighting that together, the PAFCOM community possesses the power to enact positive change and make a lasting impact. She acknowledged the diverse perspectives, cultures, and heritage that each individual brings as Filipino Americans, emphasizing the strength and resilience that stem from shared experiences.

Dr. Go emphasized the significance of embracing diversity and inclusivity in order to foster creativity, innovation, and progress within the community. She also stressed the importance of sacrifice, acknowledging the foundation laid by ancestors and community members, and calling upon the audience to honor their legacy by making sacrifices for the greater good and fostering an environment that values hard work and determination.

The commitment to serving better was another core theme of Dr. Go’s speech. She highlighted the transformative power of education and the importance of providing scholarships to deserving students. She also urged parents to instill values of compassion, empathy, and service in their youth to create a lasting legacy for future generations.

Soaring higher, according to Dr. Go, requires resilience and a positive mindset. She praised the remarkable history of resilience demonstrated by Filipino Americans, emphasizing the need to hold onto this strength for continued growth and success. Staying positive was also emphasized as a means to overcome obstacles, find solutions, and inspire others.

In conclusion, Dr. Go called upon the Philippine American Friendship Community to embrace the visions of growing stronger, serving better, and soaring higher. By celebrating diversity, recognizing sacrifices, providing opportunities, and staying resilient and positive, Filipino Americans can continue to build a brighter future and leave a lasting impact on the world.

Dr. Go ended her speech with gratitude and a call to enjoy the evening’s festivities, reminding everyone of the collective power they hold as a united community.

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