Author And Artist Linda J Wolff Discusses The Motivational Quote: Shadows And Light On Cultivating Calm Within

May 25
00:54 2023
Linda J Wolff brings beauty and meaning to a simple quote about shadows and light in the latest post on Cultivating Calm Within. This author, artist, curator, and narrator delves deep into what it means to find the light and shadows each day.

Linda J Wolff has brought inner peace and calmness to many people through her blog and podcast, Cultivating Calm Within. As an inspirational speaker and writer, she puts together many pieces of advice and peaceful writing that help her listeners and readers get through each day.  

One of her most recent pieces on Cultivating Calm Within highlights the motivational quote: Shadows and Light.  

Motivational Quote: Shadows and Light 

“Shadows and light. She understands that both are necessary, yet, the inner workings of a mature mind find power in the variables.” 

This powerful quote was the inspiration and background to the article written by Linda J Wolff. The image depicted with the quote begins Wolff’s article.  


She urges readers to think about what feelings and images this picture invokes for them. What do they feel about it? What do they relate it to? Then she delves deeper, pointing out the space between shadows and light.  

This space that so many ignore or don’t recognize is what she speaks about. It’s this space in which many people dwell in life as they walk a thin line. Sometimes people are in the darker places of their lives or the shadows, and at other times they are in the light. Much of the time, they are in an area between as they move back and forth.  

Wolff likens the dark places, or shadows, to some of the struggles her own daughter is going through at this time. At this moment, her daughter isn’t able to find the balance, and she is reaching out for her mother’s help.  

And so, Wolff outlines for the reader how she began to walk her daughter through finding that balance again to continue to move through her life without the overwhelming feeling of being in that dark place in the shadows.  

Using the example of her daughter, Wolff begins to explain to the reader how they, too, can utilize different methods to re-balance their lives and find the place between the shadows and the light again.  

Linda J Wolff as an Author, Artist, and Inspiration 

Linda J Wolff has been very open about her own struggles in life, which led her to the point where she was able to learn from her past and use it to teach others how to overcome and move forward. She lives by phrases like “It’s not worth getting upset about the small things” and “Tomorrow is a new day.”  

These phrases help her put her life and daily struggles into perspective and keep calm while enjoying the little things about each day. Her website and podcast, titled Cultivating Calm Within, aid others in finding the inner peace that she’s fought for.  

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