Asks the Question How Accurate Is a Criminal Record Check?

May 24
21:36 2023 Asks the Question How Accurate Is a Criminal Record Check?

Law enforcement officers serve as the foundation for today’s justice system. When they visit the scene of an incident or crime, they gather information and share facts with the appropriate authorities. The information collected by the officer is then used to determine whether a legal case should be brought against an individual or entity. 

The Accuracy of This Information

Officers undergo training to ensure they know how to gather evidence, interview witnesses, and handle other tasks related to an investigation. However, problems may arise when an officer records data. Their notes may be unreadable. At times, there is a delay between when the information is collected and when the office records it. As a result, the information contained in a police report might be inaccurate. To learn more about this issue, check out these additional resources

Why Are Inaccuracies of Great Concern? 

An overlooked detail or misspelled word might not appear to be a big deal. However, an entire case might hinge on this detail or misspelling. The justice system isn’t perfect. Sadly, neither are background checks when they rely on the inaccurate information contained in a police report or legal transcript. 

According to, many employers, rental companies, and other organizations use background checks today. They believe these documents are accurate. When they aren’t, an employer may overlook the perfect candidate for a position because they have false information about this individual. A rental company might refuse accommodations based on a faulty background check. These are only two of several ways the incorrect document can do harm. 

How Important is a Background Check? 

A background check provides valuable information about a person. However, it is only one of several tools that should be used when evaluating the character of an individual. While a person may have done wrong in the past, this does not mean they cannot be redeemed. A person or entity may wish to give this individual a try and evaluate them on all factors rather than just the criminal record. A company such as Sterling Check EMEA may be able to help.

The Choice of Provider

The goal of a background check is to allow for informed decisions regarding a person’s character. Accuracy is critical when compiling this report, as one mistake could have far-reaching consequences. For this reason, any person or entity requesting a background check needs to carefully research providers to ensure they are working with a reputable company. 

BACKGROUND CHECK INDUSTRY PROFITS OFF ‘DIGITAL PUNISHMENT,’ DESPITE FLAWED DATA is a recent news headline. Flawed data hurts all parties. When negative information is found during this investigation, more details are needed. Background checks are valuable tools in many situations. However, they must be accurate, and details are needed about any negative items on the report. Choose a company that emphasizes these two areas. If a company doesn’t feel these are priorities, it is time to move on. 


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