CleverControl Ensures Stringent Monitoring Of Employees With Their Unique Employee Recognition System

March 14
10:04 2023
CleverControl is an innovative employee monitoring system that works with a webcam along with screen recording. CleverControl allows managers to keep an eye on their employees to ensure their productivity. The system can also be used to detect intruders who shouldn’t be sitting at someone else’s workstation.

Monitoring employees and their productivity within the office has become very tough. CleverControl is dedicated to making this tedious task easier for managers. CleverControl is a unique employee monitoring system that keeps a tough eye on the employees. It gives peace of mind to managers by using a system that ensures employees always perform to their best levels. 

CleverControl works in conjunction with a webcam recording and screen recording. The latest update of CleverControl now also combines the use of face recognition. With this latest feature, management can also be aware of people coming in and out of an office. They can be aware if there are any strangers in the office premises, or who is sitting in front of a workstation, and much more.

The latest version of CleverControl is smart enough to recognize the gestures and movements of a person sitting in front of a computer. Someone sitting on a workstation pretending to be someone else can easily be caught with CleverControl. This smart system can also be used to prevent sensitive data from being leaked from the office by recognizing people in the office. This smart employee monitoring system can easily and quickly identify slackers and idlers. It can detect which employee is just sitting in front of the computer, waiting for the time to pass. 

Employee monitoring is completely legal in the US. There are laws that provide the management with authority to keep an eye on their employees, given there’s a valid reason. Employers also have no obligation to disclose that they monitor their employees. The US laws also state that employers can monitor their employees’ activities, such as storing documents/files, downloads, internet usage, active/idle time, and more. Furthermore, it is also totally legal for employers to monitor screens and keystrokes on employees’ workstations*.

While talking about CleverControl, one of the representatives at the company said, “CleverControl is an all-new employee management and monitoring system. With CleverControl, employers can now keep a strict check and balance on whats going on in the office. The smart system cleverly identifies employees who waste time or those who are absent from their workstationsWe recommend contacting your legal advisor if you have any questions about the legality of using employee monitoring in your area.”

About CleverControl

CleverControl LLC has a goal to create effective solutions for businesses. Since its establishment, the company has become very successful in developing and implementing employee monitoring software that helps in boosting companies’ productivity and revenue.

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