Dual Citizenship: How Some Italian Americans Can Become Italian Citizens

March 13
16:45 2023
For many Italian Americans, their Italian heritage is a part of their identity, and the opportunity to become a citizen of two countries is an appealing one. Some Italian-Americans may be eligible to claim Italian citizenship through their ancestry. This dual citizenship between the US and Italy is allowing some Italian-Americans to reconnect with their families and heritage.

Italy allows individuals to claim citizenship jus sanguinis, or by blood, if they can demonstrate a direct lineage to an Italian ancestor. With proof of Italian descent, they may be eligible to claim Italian citizenship. According to Dr. Mark Masi, Founder of the Italian Citizenship Assistance Program, “Many Americans are not aware that they are eligible for this wonderful privilege and all of its benefits.”

Italian dual citizenship allows an individual to be a citizen of both Italy and the United States. This can have several benefits for Americans, including access to low-cost healthcare, affordable tuition fees for university and other social services. Additional benefits include the ability to live and work in the European Union without a visa, and the ability to pass on citizenship to future generations.

To begin the process of claiming Italian citizenship through ancestry, individuals will need to gather the necessary documents to prove their lineage. This will likely include birth, marriage, and death certificates for them and their ancestors, as well as any legal documents that may be required (such as a divorce decree or adoption papers).

Once they have gathered the necessary documents, they must submit them to the Italian consulate or embassy in their area. Their application will be reviewed and, if approved, their Italian citizenship will be recognized.

It’s important to note that the process of claiming Italian citizenship through ancestry can be complex and time-consuming. The specific requirements and documentation may vary de- pending on each individual’s circumstances. Therefore, it’s advisable to seek the guidance of a professional who specializes in Italian citizenship law to ensure that they have the best chance of success. An industry leader for almost 16 years, the Italian Citizenship Assistance Program (ICAP) was founded in 2007 to help individuals and families obtain their Italian dual citizenship.

Led by Founder, Dr. Mark Masi and Managing Partner, Adamo Petrucci Horn, the company simplifies the process by guiding clients through each step, including determining eligibility, gathering documents in the US & Italy, analyzing documents, authenticating documents, translating documents, and reviewing the final documents with the client.

With a focus on detail and a commitment to ensure a smooth application process, the Italian Citizenship Assistance Program is a reliable resource for those looking to obtain dual citizenship in Italy. 

“Many individuals attempt to navigate the process of dual citizenship on their own. Without having the expertise, they are almost certain to run into issues along the way, which can cause the process to be severely delayed and, in some cases, much more expensive,” states Adamo Petrucci Horn.

Many ICAP clients have claimed dual citizenship for the opportunity to travel, study, and live in the European Union as Italian citizens. Some have relocated and established thriving careers and businesses in Italy. Others have retired there, which creates value for the Italian economy. ICAP aims to empower Italian Americans to rediscover their rich Italian heritage, access a world of opportunities, and fulfill their dreams.

Those who want to check if they are eligible for Italian Dual Citizenship may visit the Italian Citizenship Assistance Program at www.ICAPBridging2Worlds.com or call (312) 796-9970 for more information.

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