COVID Tech Takes A Futuristic Leap With Self-Serve Kiosks Powered by Radeas

March 10
23:03 2023
Self-serve COVID testing kiosks make easy testing available to all.

Picture this: The big family reunion is just a few days away when suddenly feelings of a headache and some fatigue arrive. Sure, it could be just a fluke – but it isn’t something to risk endangering the whole family. There’s no time for a doctor’s appointment – it’s the weekend and everyone’s busy with preparations. Getting tested on time seems impossible.

No problem! Between errands, just walk right up to a Redbox®-style kiosk at a local drug store, get the test kit, and deposit the test sample – all in under 5 minutes. Within 24 hours patients receive a highly-accurate PCR test results on their phone so everyone can get back to planning their barbecue masterpiece.

Some might think it sound too simple to be true. Well, COVID testing at a self-serve kiosk isn’t some far-flung future idea. They’re called TestAndGoTM kiosks, and the pilot program is already underway in Georgia. (Source: Georgia Department of Public Health)

TestAndGokiosks were conceived and developed through a partnership between LTS, a Virginia based IT Solutions Provider and Radeas, a North Carolina lab company in conjunction with a CDC program that aims to provide fair access to COVID-19 testing. The company plans to eventually install thousands of these kiosks across the country.

A few main benefits of TestAndGo include:

  Simple, user-friendly testing – Register online or on the phone; walk up to the kiosk and follow the directions; get results within 24 hours.

–  Accurate results – The PCR tests used in all TestAndGo stations are far more accurate than over-the-counter antigen tests.

–  Convenient 24/7 access – Kiosks can be installed almost anywhere, bringing easy, accessible testing to rural and high-risk communities when and where they’re needed most.

This isn’t the first breakthrough innovation Radeas has developed in the fight against COVID. At the height of the pandemic, the company was instrumental in reviving the cruise industry by deploying fully functional mobile laboratories, contained inside Sprinter vans, to test passengers at port before boarding the ships. These mobile units reduced PCR testing times from several days to under 30 minutes, allowing companies like Disney Cruises to resume service without a single outbreak to date. 

As people strive to regain a sense of “normal” in the post-COVID world, innovations like TestAndGo kiosks and mobile labs have a vital role to play. They allow families to gather once again, travel abroad, and reclaim the hobbies and pastimes that everyone has put on hold out of concern for their health and their communities. The fight isn’t over, but the future looks a little brighter every day. 

Looking to get registered with a TestAndGo kiosk in the area? Register here

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