Chinese Interactive Creative Products Shape New Moments Sharing For The Young Around The World

March 06
09:44 2023

As the most solemn traditional festival of the Chinese nation, the Spring Festival has attracted the attention of people all over the world who love Chinese culture. During the Spring Festival of this Year, the Center of Language Exchange and Cooperation (CLEC) under the Ministry of Education particularly developed a dynamic sticker filter with the theme of “Happy Year Of The Rabbit” for Generation Z netizens on Tik Tok, and simultaneously launched a filter interactive activity of “(Great Luck in the Year of the Rabbit)”. It calls on netizens around the world to interpret the four Chinese characters through appropriate shapes and postures, while practicing pronunciation. The activity attracted the participation of many very important internet celebrities from eight countries, including France, the United States, Spain, Greece, Hungary, Saudi Arabia, Thailand and Malaysia, and the videos were viewed more than 30 million times.

Among the Internet celebrities participating in the activity, many bloggers from European and American countries were particularly outstanding. Henry Kettner, a Hungarian blogger who was keen on sharing music and life, not only used the filter to show the Chinese characters, but also shared the story of the Chinese zodiac in Hungarian, so as to popularize the Chinese Spring Festival customs and zodiac culture among the local people, and have aroused more people’s interest in the long-established Chinese culture.

Levent Kapi, another Hungarian drama blogger, played two roles himself. Through interesting dialogue, he told the story of how a “mother” under the influence of her “son” actively learned Chinese and understood the culture of the Chinese Spring Festival. The video has been viewed more than 7 million times, becoming one of the most popular of the blogger.

Mrspanglishh, a Spanish blogger on lifestyle creativity, attracted more Spanish people to care about Chinese language and discover the charm of Chinese language through his passionate commentary and vivid demonstrations.

Driven by the enthusiasm of overseas internet celebrities, many local people in Europe and the United States, as well as in Hungary, started to discuss their own zodiac years in their native languages or English in the comment section, asking about the special connotation and significance of the Year of the Rabbit, and expressing their love for Chinese culture. More netizens from around the world began to discuss the fun of Chinese characters, praising the beauty and charm of Chinese characters.

This filter interactive activity of “Great Luck in the Year of the Rabbit”, by studying and identifying the empathy points that overseas audiences are really interested in, extracts the spiritual symbols and cultural essence of Chinese culture, and strives to make the beauty of Chinese language and Chinese culture touch every participant and viewer in a broad way. It sets off a wave of Chinese learning enthusiasm and promotes Chinese culture to the world under the happy atmosphere of celebrating the Chinese Spring Festival around the world.

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