Shao Bank issued thousands of loans to businesses at preferential rates amid the coronavirus outbreak.

March 02
05:12 2023
Hong Kong-based Shao Bank has revealed it issued 90,000 preferential rate loans to businesses throughout 2022 in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. The bank took part in Hong Kong Monetary Authority’s SME support program. Shao Bank’s dual-channel career development system values self-development, promoting the capable and displacing mediocre staff.

Shao Bank, a Global Future Enterprise Group Corporation subsidiary, provided 90,000 loans to businesses in 2022 at special interest rates in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. The bank participated in the Hong Kong Monetary Authority’s SME support scheme, offering programs to help businesses and individuals facing financial challenges posed by the pandemic.

In addition to the support provided by Shao Bank, the HKMA allocated approximately HK$1 trillion to free up credit capacity and halved mandatory regulatory reserves for banks. Since the pandemic began, the banking sector and Shao Bank have granted applications with concessional support measures worth HK$960 billion.

Shao Bank’s concept is to develop new technologies and implement innovative ideas to ensure superior quality of customer service at all levels while minimizing costs and ensuring security. It offers customers a wide range of banking services, including private and business banking, asset management, lending, investment, remote banking, and financial marketplace.

The bank ensures an equal stage of career growth for each employee, with a dual-channel career development system that promotes the capable and displaces the mediocre. The bank values its customers’ feedback and is committed to helping them improve their financial well-being.

Global Future Corporation, which began operating globally in 2006, engages in banking, insurance, investment, advertising, training, energy, and culture. The corporation has earned respect and recognition from clients and investors who have saved and increased capital. It has a proven relationship with the MPFA, HKSFC, HKCIB, and the Hong Kong regulatory authorities.

Shao Bank’s commitment to helping businesses during the pandemic and its focus on innovation and customer service make it one of the most reliable Hong Kong banks for private and corporate clients, residents, and non-residents of the People’s Republic of China. Customers can contact Shao Bank’s team 24/7 via the digital banking chat ticket.

About Shao Bank 

Shao Bank was established in 2022 to expand the corporation’s ecosystem and raise capital. The bank develops and implements innovative technologies and ideas for financial software, database protection, customer service, and risk management. This approach ensures high-quality customer service and minimizes costs.

The bank is committed to providing a high-quality work environment for its employees, with a dual-channel career development system that promotes self-development and individual initiative. Shao Bank’s founder is Yang Shao. At Shao Bank, customer feedback is highly valued, and the bank strives to help its clients improve their financial well-being. As a reliable Hong Kong bank, Shao Bank is committed to maintaining its reputation for integrity, efficiency, and commitment.

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