Craft Beer Equipment Maker iGulu Enters the US Market, Introduces its Revolutionary Automated Brewing Solution, “Magellan”

January 25
11:24 2023
As iGulu expands into the US market, they would be offering their intelligent automated beer brewing system, “Magellan,” which will provide beer brewers an innovative way to brew beer and cider

When it comes to small beer commercial manufacturers, everyone is more familiar with Ssbrewtech, Spike, Blichmann, Stout and other brands, which have been deeply engaged in the craft industry for many years and occupy the majority of the market share. So what products is the “rising star in Global Beer Industry monk,” iGulu going to bring to compete with them?

iGulu, a leading craft beer equipment maker announced they will be starting business operations in the United States. The company made this announcement as part of its plans to ensure a global coverage in its bid to provide the best beer equipment in the world. iGulu plans to launch its second generation home beer machine at the end of the year, while also introducing its Magellan model to the North American market through its launch in the United States.


The Magellan series contains complete mashing, fermentation, cleaning and cooling units, which can be automatically operated in the whole process. iGulu’s innovation is different from traditional brewing machines in a lot of ways: it adds a complete set of future digital and intelligent core armor that are necessary for automatic control, such as execution components, detection sensors, program control board, human-computer interaction tablet, and BrewOS.

Magellan provides a complete range of automatic controls and leading brewing intelligence technology. It is designed to accommodate both professionals and novices in the brewing industry, easy-to-use, compact, and safe. Professional brewers can turn on the expert mode to open a convenient custom process. The automation feature, BrewOS, is “connected to everything” anytime and anywhere, allowing beer makers to spend less time on the operation and focus more on trying out a variety of recipes. Novice brewers can find comprehensive information on the equipment through online courses prepared by iGulu and with constant practices they can become expert brewers in no time.

From brew houses to breweries, coffeehouses, restaurant owners, individuals and any organization that needs a good micro brewing system will find Magellan very handy. Some of the features of Magellan include:

●      Supports the automatic process of self-made recipes, cloud recipes, and build-in-recipes to start the automatic process in any mode

●      Supports step mashing and continuous feeding, and adopt herms process to save filtration time and mashing time

●      Adopts high-precision sensor to automatically detect the data of the whole process, including temperature control and liquid level control in the mashing and fermentation process

●      Has One Breakthrough Brewing Operation System that is based on ARM + STM32, which has lower control cost and stronger processing capability compared with PLC.

●      Uses an automatic CIP cleaning for the mashing and fermentation systems

●      Monitors and records intelligently while providing error alarm reminder, brewing report record and historical query remotely

●      Adjustable process control parameters for boiling temperature and boiling intensity

●      More brewing widget tools and market store will be released online this year 

According to the CEO of iGulu, the company is looking to onboard professional sales service providers in the North American market. Individuals and companies that are willing to work with iGulu in the distribution of Magellan and other craft beer equipment from the company can fill out the application form on iGulu’s website.

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About iGulu

iGulu is a leading beer equipment manufacturing company. The company created the world’s leading intelligent household and commercial beer brewing machine, integrating technologies and resources such as intelligent hardware, software platform, brewing technology and brewing raw materials, becoming the world’s first service provider capable of providing a complete set of intelligent brewing solutions, and an industry innovation benchmark.

The core team of the company comes from Cisco, Oracle, Budweiser InBev, Carlsberg and other global well-known enterprises, and has successively reached strategic cooperation relations with many well-known enterprises.

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