Korea Environmental Machinery Co. Announces Expansion to the United States to Offer Cutting-Edge Industrial Wastewater Equipment

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Korea Environmental Machinery Co. Announces Expansion to the United States to Offer Cutting-Edge Industrial Wastewater Equipment

December 05
15:40 2022
The expansion to the US Market is aimed at offering Korea Environmental Machinery Co.’s Industrial Wastewater Equipment to companies and businesses in the United States

Korea Environmental Machinery Co., a Korean-based industrial wastewater treatment company is pleased to announce that it has expanded its offerings to companies and businesses in the United States. The company made this announcement while reaffirming its commitment towards an environment of decency, quality and mutual respect for all other human beings and all other living creatures by providing high-quality water treatment equipment.

Since its inception in January 1991, Korea Environmental Machinery has focused on both standard and custom drum capabilities in producing wastewater equipment built to meet client’s specifications. Industrial wastewater equipment is a device that filters, dehydrates, and removes floating solids, such as fibers, oil, plastics, wood, hair and animal fur, as well as settleable substances, such as sand and seeds, from organic wastes.

By expanding to the United States, Korea Environmental Machinery Co. seeks to continue playing a leading role in the field of contaminants by creating and continuously developing the Korean-type Improper Contaminant Processing Unit, which is suitable for the characteristics of Korean manure, which contains more sand and impurities than advanced foreign countries. Currently, the company is producing innovative products that filter out 1mm of impurities and 0.1mm of sand by developing the Improper Disposer that can be used in various ways such as filtration of second hand sediment of sewage and pretreatment of livestock manure.

Korea Environmental Machinery has 16 related patents and is a professional manufacturer of impurities handling equipment that is continuously researching and developing innovative products from the Public Procurement Service, excellent procurement products, performance certification (EPC), K-marks, and excellent inventions. Now, businesses, corporate organizations, and companies in the United States that need improved solutions for industrial wastewater cleaning can easily access them thanks to Korea Environmental Machinery.

For more information, please visit https://hkhkusa.com/.

About Korea Environmental Machinery Co.

Located in Korea, Korea Environmental Machinery Co. specializes in the treatment of industrial wastewater. Since 1991, they have specialized in producing and selling equipment for industrial wastewater treatment. The company’s objective with industrial wastewater treatment is to create an environment with clean air, water, and scenic beauty, not just to supply equipment.

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