Jimmy Cai, Partner of Paretone Capital, was selected as one of the “36Kr 2022 Global Outstanding Chinese Power100”

November 24
14:15 2022

Let the world see the elegant demeanor of Chinese elites with the power of commerce. On November 17, 2022, the “36Kr 2022 Global Outstanding Chinese Power100”, created by 36 Kr and Kingpin Communication, was announced, and Jimmy Cai (Cai Shixuan), a young investor and partner of Paretone Capital, a proprietary quantitative trading fund, was selected.

The reporter learned that as a young Chinese investor, Cai Shixuan was born in Beijing in 1994 and completed his studies in Electrical Engineering at the University of California, Irvine. During his junior year, a chance encounter brought him into contact with several local startups and venture capital funds in Los Angeles, CA, and he has been in the investment industry ever since.

He has always been described by those who know him as “a man with a great sense of business and good at finding business opportunities in the digital economy”, but he considers himself to be a man favored by “luck”.

As early as 2017, Cai Shixuan joined the founding team of HBUS and became one of the first three team members in the San Francisco office. In 2018, Cai Shixuan became the co-founder of proprietary trading company Koi Trading, a platform that received a $3 million angel round equity investment from Binance Labs in October of that year.

Later, as one of the earliest angel investors, he joined forces with 500 Startups, a famous incubator in Silicon Valley, to invest in Solana, which now has a market capitalization of over $60 billion. Over the past few years, Cai Shixuan has directly participated in investing in over 25 start-ups, including Honey Science, which was acquired by Paypal for $4 billion and was PayPal’s largest and “most transformative” acquisition to date, with 17 million active users prior to the acquisition.

Investment and financial opportunities are always changing. Facing the uncertainty of the new economic cycle, it is more necessary to have the ability to break through limitations and find the right direction. In 2020, Cai Shixuan became a limited partner of Race Capital, a Fintech early stage fund, focusing on seed round investments in the technology finance industry. As of June 2022 the fund has completed three rounds of fundraising totaling over $300 million and has closed over 40 investments.

In July 2022, Cai Shixuan began to serve as the partner of Paretone Capital, a proprietary quantitative trading fund located in Silicon Valley. The fund mainly invests in U.S. stocks, Hong Kong stocks, commodity futures, options and other financial derivatives. In 2021, Paretone Capital grew its assets under management by more than 300%, its profit growth rate by more than 100%, and the monthly average trading volume of the proprietary trading algorithm it developed exceeded $200 million in two years.

Standing beyond could view farther. Regardless of the title, Cai Shixuan believes in a very simple investment methodology, which is to adhere to long-termism and do value investing. “I think investors must not blindly chase investment opportunities, let alone understand investment as a game of passing the parcel. Instead, they should observe the market potential in a longer period and try to put themselves in the shoes of entrepreneurs to think about the possible scenarios of this industry in 5 to 10 years.”

As an active investor and entrepreneur in the field of artificial intelligence, Cai Shixuan was successfully selected in the selection of “36Kr 2022 Global Outstanding Chinese Power100” because of his outstanding investment approach and achievements, which have influenced countless Chinese investors and entrepreneurs. As a representative of the global new economy media, 36 Kr for the first time launched an in-depth insight and exploration of the global Chinese community, and launched the “36Kr 2022 Global Outstanding Chinese Power100” to show the world more business elites like Cai Shixuan.

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