Bionime Corporation to Launch the Rightest iFree CGM, Proposed to Offer Precise and Accurate Blood Glucose Measurement and Monitoring

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Bionime Corporation to Launch the Rightest iFree CGM, Proposed to Offer Precise and Accurate Blood Glucose Measurement and Monitoring

November 01
11:22 2022
With the Rightest iFree CGM system, users can enjoy safe and painless blood glucose monitoring and get comprehensive and accurate readings

The benefits of CGM and BGM systems cannot be overemphasized. They help people safely keep tabs on their diabetes and prevent them from experiencing any form of complication. Additionally, blood sugar monitoring devices also help people find out what makes their blood sugar levels increase or decrease and how to maintain a healthy level. Sadly, these devices are sold at ridiculously exorbitant prices. Bionime Corporation is a company committed to providing high-quality blood glucose monitoring devices and systems at very affordable prices.

Today, the company is excited to announce it is on course to get an operational license for its latest innovation, the Rightest iFree CGM. The device will provide users with real-time glucose monitoring, helping to regulate blood glucose levels and providing comprehensive analysis on potential impactors. The Rightest iFree CGM is an eco-friendly rechargeable transmitter, and will undoubtedly be the most innovative CGM device in the market today. Bionime has also created a user friendly application that is available for both iOS and Android devices which lets them see and track the measurements from the CGM device. It also works on smart watches too.

The Rightest iFree CGM will come with a painless 4.6mm sensor and transmitter. Users will be able to attach and detach the sensor and transmitter to and from their skin easily. With that, the device can provide them with real-time glucose readings and trends, help with tracking and analyzing glucose status, recording and exporting data, and keep track of blood glucose trends, patterns, and insights.

In this digital age and with the need to integrate technological solutions in the healthcare sector, the Rightest iFree CGM device solves the problem of healthcare providers and patients looking for a blood sugar monitor with app. Bionime will be exhibiting at the recent Dusseldorf Medical Fair in Germany from 11/14 to 11/17 and at next year’s Dubai Medical Fair from 1/28 to 2/2, bringing better news to more patients.

The efficient Bionime glucose monitoring machine is the best way to keep track of one’s glucose level. It will not only save users from repetitive finger stick tests but also prevent them from encountering emergencies that can be detrimental to their health. The machine will not be available in the US and EU in the next two years but is ready to be revealed.

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About Bionime Corporation

Bionime Corporation was established in April 2003 to improve the lives of people with diabetes through better self-monitoring. The company has focused on designing and manufacturing accurate medical testing equipment for the diabetes eco-system for over 20 years. They have built their brand, Rightest, which is aimed at improving the lives of people with a well-lifestyle in diabetes patients, the CGM system provides 24-hour real-time glucose tracking and data transmission.

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