Basic operation steps of BOSM CNC machine tools

November 01
10:44 2022

Everyone has a corresponding understanding of CNC machine tools, so do you know the general operation steps of BOSM CNC machine tools? Don’t worry, here’s a brief introduction for everyone.

1. Editing and input of workpiece programs

Before processing, the processing technology of the workpiece should be analyzed and its processing program should be compiled. If the processing program of the workpiece is complex, do not program directly, but use computer programming, and then back it up to the CNC system of the CNC machine tool through a floppy disk or communication interface. This can avoid occupying machine time and increase the auxiliary time of processing.

2. Boot

Generally, the main power is turned on first, so that the CNC machine tool has the power-on conditions, and the CNC system with a key button and the machine tool are powered on at the same time, the CRT of the CNC machine tool system displays information, and the hydraulic, pneumatic, axis and Connection status of other auxiliary equipment.

3. Reference point

Before machining the machine tool, establish the movement datum of each coordinate of the machine tool.

4. Input call of machining program

Depending on the medium of the program, it can be input with a tape drive, a programming machine, or serial communication. If it is a simple program, it can be directly input on the CNC control panel using the keyboard, or can be input block by block in the MDI mode for block-by-block processing. Before machining, the workpiece origin, parameters, offsets, and various compensation values in the machining program must also be input.

5. Program editing

If the input program needs to be modified, the working mode should be selected to the “edit” position. Use edit keys to add, delete, and modify.

6. Program inspection and debugging

First lock the machine and run the system only. This step is to check the program, if there is any error, it needs to be edited again.

7. Workpiece installation and alignment

Install and align the workpiece to be processed and establish a benchmark. Use manual incremental movement, continuous movement or hand wheel to move the machine tool. Align the starting point to the beginning of the program, and calibrate the reference of the tool.

8. Start the axes for continuous machining

Continuous processing generally adopts the program processing in the memory. The feed rate in CNC machine tool processing can be adjusted by the feed rate switch. During processing, you can press the “feed hold” button to pause the feed movement to observe the processing situation or perform manual measurement. Press the start button again to resume processing. To ensure that the program is correct, it should be re-checked before processing. During milling, for plane curved workpieces, a pencil can be used instead of a tool to draw the outline of the workpiece on the paper, which is more intuitive. If the system has a tool path, the simulation function can be used to check the correctness of the program.

9. Shutdown

After processing, before turning off the power, pay attention to check the state of the BOSM machine tool and the position of each part of the machine tool. Turn off the machine power first, then turn off the system power, and finally turn off the main power.

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