HotsCoin, an Automated Trading Platform for Digital Currency Quantitative Strategies, is Officially Launched and Leads the Financial Data Platform

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HotsCoin, an Automated Trading Platform for Digital Currency Quantitative Strategies, is Officially Launched and Leads the Financial Data Platform

November 01
12:09 2022

Recently, HotsCoin, an automated trading platform for digital currency quantitative strategies, was officially launched and roiled the quantitative investment circle. In the midst of a downturn in the cryptocurrency industry, with mainstream currencies falling and well-known traders’ accounts shrinking significantly, the HotsCoin platform strategy still maintains an AMR of around 20%.

At the invitation of the majority of users, the author took an in-depth look at the HotsCoin platform and its strategy, and summarized the advantages maintained by HotsCoin from five major sections of the company team, strategy, platform security, trading varieties, and functional design.

It is understood that HotsCoin was officially launched in 2022 after three years of preparation and several rounds of internal iterative upgrade, and is now launched in Google Play and AppStore. The company aims to provide optimal solutions for digital currency asset investment, adapt to the uncertainty and high-risk nature of the crypto market, guarantee long-term stable quantitative appreciation of user assets, lead the financial data platform for quantitative investment, showcase investment opportunities in the crypto market industry, and help traders keep up with market trends of cryptocurrencies.

HotsCoin’s elite team has in-depth theoretical knowledge in finance and rich experience in cryptocurrency trading. The team members come from well-known venture capital companies in the cryptocurrency circle, previously managed assets of over $20 million, served famous partners such as Bitmain, covered over 200,000 users worldwide, and obtain outstanding achievements in many famous trading contest around the world. The platform is dedicated to provide professional quantitative strategies. Since entering the cryptocurrency market in 2015, the team members have focused on building market-matching, market-tested automated trading strategies that have been praised by investors and quantitative firms in general for their professionalism.

In terms of strategy selection, HotsCoin has launched three core strategy solutions for cryptocurrencies, namely, congestion trading strategy, trend trading strategy and arbitrage trading strategy. Combining the amount of users’ capital and risk preferences, and based on historical big data and AI backtrack, the team has developed a variety of compound strategies to meet the needs of different investors, ranging from 6% to 24% annualized for the stable arbitrage category and 20-50% return for the trend category, achieved stable asset growth.

As a digital currency quantitative strategy platform, the first principle is security, no matter how high the profits is, once the assets are stolen, they have nothing to do with themselves. The key reason for the frequent loss of assets in the crypto industry is the platform’s security management strategy and risk control strategy. As HotsCoin officially disclosed, as a third-party public trust platform that provides quantitative strategies, they does not store user assets, and instead they are stored in the original exchange. HotsCoin only provides API tools for data synchronization and strategy commons, and does not have the authority to withdraw user assets, which safeguards user assets from the source. Meanwhile, in terms of privacy, HotsCoin strategy runs on-chain without exposing user assets and user privacy information, and the platform is maintained by top technical talents 24h non-stop to protect the rights and interests of the user.

In terms of trading variety support, HotsCoin supports a variety of mainstream coin contract trading pairs in the crypto market such as BTC, ETH, APT, etc., which can meet the diversified trading needs of users, and supports Binance, OKX, Huobi and other global mainstream exchanges. It supports multi-account, multi-platform, multi-currency, multi-strategy synchronous operation, distributed deployment, unlimited expansion. Through API authorization, you can visually manage multiple money accounts on HotsCoin and realize one terminal linking multiple markets around the world without having to observe multiple apps simultaneously, saving a lot of time wasted switching back and forth between multiple apps and making the right investment decision one step faster.

Since 2022, the changes in the crypto market have ignited investors’ enthusiasm for trading, and a large number of quantitative companies have emerged. Many Crypto exchanges and price-tracking software have crossed borders to layout quantitative trading, cause quantitative trading greatly compensates for human errors such as emotional operations and fatigue staring brought by manual trading, and is also an inevitable trend in the development of the trading market in the crypto industry. However, cross-border participation has exposed the problems of insufficient professionalism and slow development, and most platforms hold the attitude of trial and error, while HotsCoin is dedicated and focused on the research and development of quantitative strategies, and the team members all focus on the trading market, with mature strategies and rapid development, favored by the majority of institutional users and professional investors.

In terms of overall functional design, HotsCoin adds SocialFi elements, users can create their own strategies on the platform, and the HotsCoin strategy team provides policy audits and encapsulation as well as strategy optimization instructions. It support users to build their own community, return to DAO, in the community to share trading tips, explain trading strategies, build their own fan groups, users can also exchange market-related information in a timely manner, while excellent strategies will also be favored by the community, with the power of the community to judge the truly excellent strategies. HotsCoin is not only a strategy platform, but also a Web3.0 financial underlying infrastructure for users to realize asset ownership and asset appreciation.

According to the feedback of several users who have used HotsCoin, their trading steps are simple and easy for even a novice user to participate, and use risk management tools such as platform-embedded stop-loss/trailing stop and major market alerts function. The trading data is clear at a glance, and users can open and close strategies directly on their cell phones anytime and anywhere to achieve fast trading.

After experiencing the functions of HotsCoin, users found that HotsCoin is a new generation automated trading platform for quantitative strategies with “evolution” function, which can continuously optimize and adjust the upgraded strategies according to the improvement of the crypto market to ensure that the relevant quantitative strategies can be at the forefront of the market. In the future, along with the continuous improvement of strategies, HotsCoin may bring more investment opportunities to the crypto market and lead the industry to move forward.

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