Machinestalk Shines Out Over Smart Cities Services

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Machinestalk Shines Out Over Smart Cities Services

October 31
22:00 2022
Machinestalk Shines Out Over Smart Cities Services

October 31, 2022 – Machinestalk shines out over smart cities services Machinestalk has once more expanded the business it was formed in by providing services for smart cities, and it’s only a stride towards this data, immersed-changing industry, in order to remain viable in the ever-evolving world!

The Internet of Things Foundation seeks to improve urban areas on a social, economic, and governmental level in order to offer smarter services for smarter communities.  MachinesTalk has a good outlook on Saudi Arabia’s constructed smart cities since they offer businesses and other enterprise organizations by providing the best IoT-based solutions for service delivery while also completing a full digital transformation created by Saudi cadres and talents.

What do we mean by “Smart Cities” ?

A smart city is a municipality that uses information and communication technologies (ICT) to enhance its efficiency, public knowledge communication, and improve the quality of government services and citizen welfare.

What are the benefits of Smart Cities?

The use of Internet of Things technologies in cities aids in the achievement of several goals, the most important of which are:- Instant communication with control rooms and operations.

– Using real-time systems, data, and sensors to connect information between the platform and multiple parties.

– Achieving the highest levels of safety and security

– Monitor energy consumption, pollution, and traffic flow.

MachinesTalk’s purpose is to expand their growth along with advanced technologies to the Saudi market, one of which is by Smart Cities that are required nowadays as a solution!

The main goal that revolves around MahcinesTalk’s expertise is to offer their clients cutting-edge, varied solutions that will give them the knowledge they need to manage incredibly effective operations. Their inventiveness did not just stop here, it branched into a well developed platform called ThingsTalk that represents the working mechanism of the Smart City service. 

What is ThingsTalk?

ThingsTalk platform is a service-based and integrable Internet of Things engine that is built with an industry- proven IoT security principle to support mission-critical applications without sacrificing performance, resilience, or business agility.

One of the projects that is built using the ThingsTalk platform is RED SEA, which is intended to solve four important factors for RED SEA GLOBAL (RSG) main building site area.

The working process lies on all RSG contractors that will be able to register their employees and vehicles and obtain the necessary accreditation thanks to the technology that MachinesTalk provides in an efficient distribution of resources among places within the construction area, which will be made possible by the real-time and map-based remote tracking of employees and vehicles with counts and heatmaps.

Another ThingsTalk based project is NEOM, which is used to describe a collection of service engines that offer application services to various market sectors, such as: NEOM residents, outsiders, and the public sector. They’re designed to gather, analyze, and manipulate data from devices used by NEOM and the sector to produce pertinent insights and forecasts in an objective combination of automated, real-time data analysis and industry domain knowledge in order to develop products and value-added services for people, machines, financial flows, shared social events, transportation, supply chain, and many other areas.

About Machinestalk

A leading regional reference, located in Saudi Arabia, and a member of the LoRa Alliance.

It is committed to driving and promoting the LoRaWan specification and certifying the eco-operability and scalability of LPWAN networks and long-range, low-power IoT applications.

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Email Us: [email protected]

Location: 7086 Al-Abbas Ibn Abdulmutallab, 2902, Riyadh 12475

Phone: 920000474

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