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The Secret Sauce of 20,000+ Brands and Agencies – Ad Creative AI

October 31
16:48 2022

In 2022, every single thing in Digital Marketing is optimized by Artificial Intelligence, except Creatives. is here to change that, to make data-backed, result-bringing ad creatives accessible.

– Up to 14x
Higher Conversion Rates
Compared to creatives that are not data-backed.

– Over 95%
Of the users improve CTR
In their first month, using our creatives.

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Simply tell our Artificial Intelligence your Target Audience, the platform you are creating the ads on, it will select the best tone and length for the platform while focusing on your target audience’s pain points.

As an advertiser, you understand that making a brand stand out from the crowd can be challenging. Your ads on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Tiktok should appeal to your audience.If they don’t, you can forget about your engagements and conversions.We found out that the return of ad spent (the ratio of conversion value/cost) had interesting implications with well-designed creatives compared to low-end creatives.At, we discovered that highly well-designed ad creatives increased the ROAS by 14x! The simple reason is that people click on something they find visually appealing. And if the messaging also resonates with them, they are more likely to check out your advertisements.The problem with advertising is that there’s no way to understand if an ad will perform well or not.Designing an ad is subjective and in the design team’s purview. However, with technological advancements, especially machine learning and artificial intelligence, our team at decided to dwell deep into the concepts of visual ad designs and understand what makes them work.‍Head here to learn more about Ad Creative Ai:

So for all those advertisers who need a little motivation, inspiration, and insights, we have just the right piece of content for you.‍For everyone who wants more out of their ads and wants to learn the trade tricks, we will also look at the top-performing creatives and break them down into simple components.

We will try and explain to you in layman’s terms, and for those who want to take a deeper dive, we also break it down into the laws of visuals or UX working in their favor.

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The North Face Ad

This is one of those powerful ads that everyone can relate to, especially someone who has a desk job(And most people do!)

It has the same vibe as that of Macintosh’s commercial of 1984, which inspired a whole generation to break free and adopt Mac instead of what big corporates at that time were selling.

Source – The North Face Ad Campaign

Now let’s look at this advertisement. 

It has many layers to it, and for valid reasons.

  1. The messaging here: “Sit for your job, Run for your life.” It’s apt that most of us would relate to. It motivates people to go for a run to counteract the adverse effects of sitting all day for desk jobs. 
  2. The runner Nikki Kimball, an American distance runner specializing in the Ultramarathon, is seen running wearing the North Face Jacket that is also shown at the bottom. Choosing a well-known role model motivates people to buy from the brand and use the product daily to solve a severe problems.
  3. Can you see how the terrain is layered on top of the message? “Run for your life.”

This also symbolizes that you need to take the rocky road to save your life. It is inspiring in many ways, and the brand messaging is spot on for regular people.

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