Creative Biolabs Declares to Support Clinical mRNA Therapeutics Research

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Creative Biolabs Declares to Support Clinical mRNA Therapeutics Research

October 31
17:48 2022
Having been dedicated to mRNA therapeutics for decades, Creative Biolabs strives to improve its capacities for developing research platforms, enriching mRNA products, and perfecting mRNA-based services. In order to strongly promote mRNA therapeutic research, it has upgraded its custom mRNA products and services to fulfill a broader scope of the study.

New York, USA – October 31, 2022 – In contrast to traditional pharmaceuticals, mRNA treatments provide new avenues for clinical immunotherapy with lower production costs and greater efficacy against diseases. Having faith in the promising future development of mRNA therapies, Creative Biolabs has accelerated its steps to improve and design mRNA products and services over the last few years and fully puts customers’ needs first. As a result of its ongoing effort, Creative Biolabs is now regarded as one of the top providers of mRNA.

According to a scientist at Creative Biolabs, “we established the mRNA synthesis platform to address the issues caused by mRNA enzymatic synthesis.”

Creative Biolabs provides custom chemically-synthesized mRNA services to synthesize the desired mRNA of short length and obtain superior purity levels to meet clients’ specific demands.

In addition, advances made in mRNA delivery may provide great help in the clinical translation of mRNA therapeutics. Being the industry leader in the technology of mRNA delivery systems, Creative Biolabs offers mRNA delivery services and is pleased to address the scientific and technical challenges regarding mRNA delivery systems to support customers’ clinical studies.

Below are some commonly used delivery vehicles for mRNA at Creative Biolabs:

* Lipid-based vectors

* Polymer-based vectors

* Hybrid vectors

Furthermore, antibody mRNA plays a critical role in mRNA therapeutics. It can be translated directly into target proteins or immunogenic activation of the immune response in vivo by using the genetic sequence of the virus.

“It is clear that using antibody RNA instead of viral antigen can achieve the activation of specific immune response in a much safer fashion than that from the risk of infection, which exactly explains why antibody mRNA drugs are now a hot research area,” noted a specialist.

Creative Biolabs provides a wide range of antibody mRNA products for gene therapeutic drug development and custom services for specific antibody mRNAs to meet diverse demands.

Antibody mRNA products provided by Creative Biolabs include but are not limited to:

* IVTScrip™ mRNA-Anti-S, 2130 (Cap 0, N1-Methylpseudo-UTP, 120 nt-poly(A))

* IVTScrip™ mRNA-Anti-S, 2130 (Cap 1, N1-Methylpseudo-UTP, 120 nt-poly(A))

* IVTScrip™ mRNA-Anti-S, 2130 (Cap 0, 2-Thio-UTP, 120 nt-poly(A))

To learn more about mRNA products and services at Creative Biolabs, please visit

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Acquiring knowledge and experience in biologic therapeutics, Creative Biolabs is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive mRNA products and services and being the most reliable partner in the mRNA area.

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