5 Leading SalesTech Tools: SubStrata, Walnut, WinnAI, Gong, and Chili Piper

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5 Leading SalesTech Tools: SubStrata, Walnut, WinnAI, Gong, and Chili Piper

October 31
13:36 2022
Five tech startups are currently revolutionizing sales processes and cycles with their cutting-edge sales tools. They leverage AI and behavioral technologies to empower sales teams in multiple industries.

Forward-thinking startups are steps ahead in disrupting traditional business models in the SalesTech industry. From AI-powered product demos to behavioral intelligence, these companies are all about simplifying obsolete methods with data-driven platforms to enhance the buyer-consumer experience. Not only are they founded as a response to native practices, but they’ve also anticipated the advanced software demands in the evolving market.

Below are 5 leading SalesTech tools that are overhauling sales processes and cycles in different industries:


SubStrata, a leading behavioral intelligence sales platform, develops cutting-edge social signal processing technology that advises dealmakers and salespeople of the next best move to close a deal. Their product uses deep models that process volumes of multimodal data in real-time and analyzes non-verbal communication from digitally-delivered social cues and vocal patterns to inform users of the power dynamics between buyers and sellers.

From natural-language processing to cognitive science, SubStrata is optimizing the SalesTech industry by leveraging AI and SSP to make deals smoother, faster, and more efficient.


Walnut helps salespeople close deals faster with its ready-to-use templates that are easily customized depending on the client’s needs. Moreover, it allows sales teams to integrate interactive product tours to generate high-intent prospects and track visitors’ behavior to see which features they gravitate towards. 

Walnut also allows sales teams to hyper-personalize product demos without coding and the overreliance on products and R&D. Ultimately, it simplifies the B2B buying process by showcasing what customers want and need.


Winn is the latest AI-powered sales assistant that does all the tech logistics for dealmakers. It offers 3 key features: a) frictionless sales book adoption; b) seamless rep onboarding, and c) effortless CRM hygiene. In a nutshell, it allows salespeople to solely focus on their customers. 

Essentially, it takes multitasking out of the way – from tracking conversations to updating CRM. It’s a cost-effective and time-saving tool that reduces redundant back-and-forths and eliminates distractions. With its real-time data capture feature, Winn.AI gathers all customers’ responses and imports them to Hubspot or Salesforce. It also analyzes conversations and discreetly relays the necessary information to the salesperson to keep the ball rolling.


The key B2B driver to help companies thrive in times of global economic turbulence is complete visibility across all sales facets – from deals, market changes, to customer engagement. Gong is an AI-powered platform that allows frontline salespeople to quickly track emerging market trends and comprehend consumer behavior in real-time. It also provides alerts and notifications about data-driven risks and opportunities based on captured customer interactions.

This advanced solution helped customers achieve a 20% increase in sales efficiency, 34% in win rates, and 33% in annual contract value.

Chili Piper

Meetings ignite a company’s motion to accelerate profitability. From closing deals to scouring business prospects, it’s the bloodline for building a solid client-based network. Back then, traditional enterprise software programs lacked efficiency and cost-effectivity, and the need for advanced revenue acceleration software was paramount. The inception of Chili Piper started from these noticeable challenges.

Chili Piper is a meeting lifecycle automation platform that reshapes the action system of revenue teams. From converting twice more inbound leads, routing leads, automating handoff processes, to one-click scheduling, it helps companies increase pipeline velocity and achieve maximal productivity.


Investing in state-of-the-art technology is the key driver to growth and profitability. Along with sales expertise and dealmaking skills, advanced and modern solutions are paramount in increasing sales efficiency and higher conversion rates.

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